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Feeling Nothing. Fake Gear?


I have been a member here since 2002, but because of confidentiality reasons, I wanted to create a new username so my AAS use cant be linked back to my primary account. Suffice it to say I am not some dumbass kid, although I am certainly no expert either. I recently started my first cycle which I'll quickly outline below:

Sustanon 250 125mg eod (and I did frontload as well) Week 1-8
Winstrol (oral) 50 mg a day Week 1-4
Proviron 50 mg a day Week 4-8
Arimidex .25mg eod Week 1-8
I have Nolvadex on hand for PCT.

All of this gear was purchased from a friend of a friend, who stated it is pharmacy grade. After getting the package I initially thought it was fake just looking at it. I have read different ways to spot fake gear, and to me it looked fake. However, my friend (who also ordered some stuff) states he was assured 100% it is real.

Ive been on my cycle for 2 full weeks now, and feel NOTHING. I know it takes up to 3-4 weeks to feel the Sustanon, but I figured I would be seeing some benefits from the Winstrol. Not only do I not feel anything, my strength is not improving and my weight is staying the same (no difference in body fat either).

My question is, if the Winstrol is fake, more than likely the Test is as well. I dont like the fact that im injecting something into me which I dont know what it is. Do you think I should abandon this cycle now, or give it 1 more week to see if the TEST kicks in? I was really pumped for the cycle, and have committed myself fully to it. Thanks for the help.


Given that you frontloaded and additionally have the Winstrol (or material purporting to be) you should have seen a weight increase from added stored glycogen and resulting additional glycogen associated water, if nothing else. Assuming that is that you're not on a low carb diet.

That not having happened, then assuming you're not on a low carb diet, I expect your stuff is, sadly, fake.


Thanks for the reply Bill. If only one person is going to weigh in, I am glad its someone with your knowledge!

I do have some pictures of the gear. If anyone is interested I can send a PM.

Oh, and I most certainly am NOT on a low carb diet.


I on the other hand don't see fuck all from winstrol and at 50mg a day (injected) it provided zero for me (Stromba).

I would wait for 4 weeks or so. Eat enough to make sure you gain. If it ends up being just fat then i would suspect it is fake too..



keep eating, keep training, and stick with it for a little longer. Is this your first cycle?


Yes this is my first cycle.

And Brook, my only concern for staying with it for 2 more weeks is that if it is fake, God knows what I have/will be injecting into my body. But I guess after 4 weeks and still no results, I will no DEFINITIVELY if its fake.


There really has not been an issue, it seems to me, of steroid dealers and their steroids putting harmful things into oils. The problems are underdosing, no dosing, or wrong steroid, but not weird crap being added.


ive heard of steroids beinng contaminated by heavy metals etc due to fcuk ups in the manufacturing process

dont know if its true or just another rumour though

this reminds me of the time i got some swelling in my arm after a bad shot ,the doc in e.r. lectured me on how i could be injecting poison etc

he also told me that when you inject steroids they destroy your tendons and also that they wont actually help to build muscle or gain weight

(thats just a rumour he told me )

if i went back now a year later and 40lbs more muscular i wonder what hed say :slightly_smiling:


It is true that some non-pharmaceutical products use materials that aren't good on heavy metals. But that is a differing issue as it's the case only if the steroid IS present.

When having a product that is just bogus with nothing in it, it won't have the heavy metals.

So getting absolutely nothing out of given gear is not a reason to consider it likely to be contaminated in that way.


In light of everything, I think I will give it at least 1 more week. Thanks for the advice.


You can check the taste of test esters. They should be slightly bitter. I just tasted some prescription 200mg/ml text cyp. The chemical soapy taste takes a couple of minutes to come through. Perhaps some others here with can report on tastes of other injectable steroids.

If it tastes like vege oil it might be that.


i would expect depending on if grapeseed, cottonseed, sesame or even olive oil were used, then this could affect the taste, as would the amount of BB or BA used.. i only mention it as the majority in the steroid forum wont use pharm grade gear these days.