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Feeling Nervous/Aggressive After Training

hey, i was curious about a thing, when i training i can feel really “nervous” after, agressive, idk why, bc sport make u more “peaceful” in theory no ? and if i training correctly, iam more " starvy ", i want more fuck, gym it is a natural booster of testo ? what correlation/link ?
funny question for sure, maybe it is just in my head, but i really feel that, thank

I thought I was the only one :rofl: Sorry, I don’t know why though…
Also, are you Eastern European?

no ^^ because of my name u think that, iam from the western europe and u ? i guess eastern yeap ?

that and your english is quite similar to that of some Eastern European ppl I know


ahaha u are not the first to think that, maybe because i live a bit in russia and also because i got some girl and friends from this country, even i speak english, my prononciation a bit, so u have the same problem question than me, maybe we will find a answer here huhu

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I suspect it has to do with low blood sugar post exercise. I find that when I go long periods without eating, I get extremely lazer focused and antsy- good for productivity

Apparently this is common

i will read that, but for sure cardio have a impact, but i would like just feel peaceful after training, and somethime i’m feel just crazy, only with swimming i feel the sentiment to be “peaceful” gym it is 50/50 fity fity, it depend

which city are u from if it is not indiscreet

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Where are you from?

If anything I feel more nervous and aggressive before training, you have it backwards. I want to feel aggressive going into a workout, the aggression can help with performance. As for being nervous, sometimes I feel a bit nervous when I have a PR attempt planned, some nervousness is good but too much will mess you up.

Seems odd that you get that after training, do you take any pre-workout supplements? That could explain it.

no nothing, i don’t feel all of the time nervous/agressive but somethime if something disturb me on the way back, and i feel excited to, even i dont drink coffee ^^"

France but i living in china to, before ago, in wuhu province d’Anhui, shanghai to much people, to big, china it is a nice country for work and food aha and ktv

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It’s probably in your head. Try to sit down/lie down and relax for a few minutes after training.

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maybe difficult to know what is in ur head or not aha that is the big dilemma of life


I always feel good after working out, which can mean different things to different people.

All of the feel good stuff like adrenalin and endorphins are flowing, and throw in a testosterone kicker, and Weeee!

But my “good” can be another person’s aggressive, nervousness, horny, what ever.

I feel really anxious and irritable after , I figured it was just elevated cortisol .
I don’t usually feel happy or at peace after a workout , actually I dont EVER feel that way after i workout.
I’m a wreck after i lift, I thought that was normal lol

At least you haven’t almost been run over multiple times after attempting to jaywalk in Shanghai after deadlift day :sweat_smile:


ahahaah for sure u can get crazy in shanghai, a fucking jungle of people, they take ur breath

maybe it is the level of cortisol, i am just fuckup bc in my gym they don’t have a quiet place/room, i that is amazing, when u finish u can just sleep a bit and go, i have something like that before, now the actual gym just to much shit music loud, look like a discotheque gym

Aggressive exercise has been shown to increase aggression. As @SkyzykS points out, that can mean different things depending on the person. For me, as a relatively mild female, it increases feelings of confidence, but of the “badass” variety. Not the same feeling I get when I’m having a good hair day, which increases confidence, but differently.

But yeah, the old assumption that people in need of anger management would be able to “get it out of their systems” through exercise has long been disproven.

Me feeling good after deadlifts and steak:

Also me, feeling good after deadlifts and steak:

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Only if they weren’t training hard enough. Squat until you can barely walk and see how aggressive you feel.