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Feeling Low T Symptoms, Normal Bloodwork

Hello all. I’m a 23 year old fit Male and my veterans administration primary care provider said that my testosterone level of 380 ng/dl is normal. I feel like it should be much higher for my age. 380 ng/dl is the testosterone level of a 50 year old In my opinion. A year ago I felt great. I felt strong in the gym, I’d get random strong erections, my sex drive was high, I was all around happy and full of energy. In the last 4 months I’ve become depressed. I never get random erections anymore. Most mornings I dont wake up with erections. My sex drive is low, some days I dont have a sex drive at all. I feel weak in the gym. What the hell is going on? Thank you to all. Btw my prolactin, thyroid, etc. Hormones all came back normal and it has been confirmed that I dont have diabetes. I did have a varicocele 3 months ago but I don’t know if varicoceles affect testosterone production.

380 Def low. Your a marine! Awesome. We need your testosterone over 600 for sure to protect this country!! Lol

Get full labs. I hope they run most of these.

Total t
Free t
Metabolic panel
Dhea s
Am cortisol
Thyroid panel

Tell us about diet and exercise. Medications

Thanks brotha I was in the Marines to be exact I got out about 2 years ago

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I felt terrible even in the low 400 ranges, truth is your average doctor has no freaking clue what normal levels look like for particular age. They see the ranges and never consider age, most don’t know anyting beyond in range and out of range.

The average testosterone for a guy in his 20s is at the very top of the range. Studies show the cutoff point for cardiovascular disease is 440, so you’re doctors are placing you in grave risk!

You may have to go private as your average endocrinologist and urologist I just unskilled when it comes to TRT.

That’s exactly what I thought man thank you very much I dont feel so alone anymore. I’m most likely going to ditch Veterans Administration healthcare and go private. Top hospital like UCSF

Where do you live?

They did test for other hormones, I forgot to mention.

LH- 2.6
Prolactin- 10.67
FSH- 3.9
Thyroid Stimulating Hormone- 2.63

What do you think man?

Sending good vibes

I suggest all those labs cause you are young and need to do the best to determine cause. It may not change the treatment, trt, but you need to rule out disease like pituitary tumor or testicular tumors or adrenal issues.

Varicocele def can cause testosterone deficiency. I would expect though that your lh and fsh would be higher.

Try to get pituitary MRI if you can.

Other labs I mentioned too good to get baselines before any treatment.

You can also try medication novaldex or clomid to confirm if it’s your pituitary or balls.
With this medication your lh and fsh should go high telling thevl balls to make testosterone.

If lh and fsh don’t go high you know it’s your pituitary aka secondary hypogonadism.
If they go high and testosterone stays low it’s your balls that don’t work.

TSH isn’t a thyroid hormone, it merely stimulates the thyroid gland. Thyroid hormone fT3, fT4, rT3 are thyroid hormones. Sometimes thyroid problems can be the result of elevated antibodies which would be an autoimmune condition.

At minimum I would check fT3 and rT3, fT3 is the most potent thyroid hormone and rT3 if high enough can block fT3.

San Francisco bay area

What was it that was causing your testosterone levels to be at the low 400’s?

My previous protocol was dosed low, my original Total T score when diagnosed with low T was 255 on the first test and 120 2 months later. My low T was caused by tapering off of Klonopin after 30 years, these mind altering drugs mess with pituitary function by sedating it. The stress of withdraw was my undoing, I had killer headaches for weeks that killed my sleep quality.

My T was so low that blood flow to my hands and feet was insufficient, cardovacure disease was right around the corner.