Feeling Low After Hip/Knee Injury, Need Reassurance

So im feeling pretty rubbish right now, so two days ago I messed up my knee and hips pretty badly, they have been bothering me for sometime and after doing some heavy DIY, I heard a massive snap and I lost stability and power in my legs

So I went to hospital as I thought I’d paralysed, myself, so after an emergency xray, its showing severe arthritis and misalignment due to the scarring on my knees and hip, so ive been told its been along time coming the ortho specialist said as based on family history its genetic and ive pretty much rushed it and caused it to occur sooner than later, he said absolutely no lower body training as I would be setting myself up for a worse outcome as he’s seen this numerous times.

I could also be looking at a year for any form of rehab.

So it put me in tears as I’ve gotten to a good place with squat and deadlift as it made me feel real good and powerful but now, although Il be training upper body only, ill have to see my hard work atrophy. In the grand scheme of things I suppose being flexible and limber is important with this issue so I can focus on that.

The thing is making an upper body push pull twice each per week will beef up, without seeing squats and deadlifts in there even though its two exercises. I feel that the routine is shit and would be ineffective due to it for strength and size so at this time its psychological and has taken my heart out of training.

My idea was

Push a
Bench press
Chest flyes
Seated press
Tricep pushdown

Pull a
Lat pulldown
Seated cable row

Push b
Bench press
Chest flyes
Side laterals
Close grip floor press

Pull b
Same as pull a

Just feel that without squats and deadlifts/no lower body work, every routine without it is pointless and not worth it. So I don’t know if I’ll be fine if I do only upper body only:(

Sorry for the rant :’(

Hope my routine is good.

I had a couple back and a handful of knee surgeries.

Now I’ve got fantastic guns.

You’ll be good!


Good to know I’ll be good with my upper body work :slight_smile:

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A 600-pound boulder crushed my right shin and foot while I was hiking, and I couldn’t train legs for five years. My upper body got bigger and stronger from training routines similar to what you’ve listed. Listen to your shoulders and elbows, and adjust accordingly.

Eventually, I was able to fin swim, bike, and walk on an incline treadmill. You might want to ask your doctor if/when you can do those activities, as they all build strength and muscle and are fantastic lifetime exercises.


It’s OK to feel bad about loss of function for a while.

I’ve lost about 80-85% of my work capacity due to heart failure. That’s total work, lifting, playing, home maintenance, the whole enchilada.

So now that 15-20% is my new normal, and it is more important than ever to make the absolute most of it.

You can do this. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.


I’m a touch sleep deprived right now. I genuinely read this as “a 600-pound bodybuilder”. I was trying to work it out for a good 30 seconds. I was only when I read the hiking park and thought “Maybe he was trying to go on a cut. Or maybe I’m reading this wrong”.

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It was that unknown bodybuilder who’s trice Ronnie Coleman’s size but, sadly, lacks surefootedness.

So op I feel bed for an almost derailment of this thread. So I’m gonna be 100% sincere.

Piss with the cock you’re given. Even if doing work outs with squats and deadlifts are better normally for you they are not.
Does that suck? Yea. Does it change anything? No.

It will tempting to look at guys squatting and dead lifting and think “man I wish I could” but focus on what you can do. You can do upper body stuff. You can get a bigger and stronger from the waist up.
When I had shoulder surgery I did leg day 3x a week. At the start because my arm was in a sling I could only do machines.
Set after set after set of curls, extensions and leg press.

You’ll do fine.