Feeling Lost

I recently saw a friend of mine’s brother. He benchpressed 140kg, to me it didn’t look like a good formed movement (( to me))( ass upp, dropped the weight fast/ boumce, woobly arms.) But that’s not the point, his older than me , 4 years exactly.

He has told me that he doesn’t gym so often anymore, he did a bodybuilding split before ( he hit the chest 3 data in the week," top middle bottom"). He weights less than me, same height I think. I do the Reg Park 5x5 2 different workouts ( not the phases program). I’m really angry pissed at my self/ dissapointed.

Trying to perfect form without coach. Stalling on the program, as I can power through some reps, but not making gains. Say the brother bench 100kg 4-6 reps around christmas. And now here he his doing this.

Have taken a two day pause, after a sloppy workout, workout B. Just want to hear you opinions I suppose, thanks.

Don’t worry about others, just make sure you’re seeing the progress you expect and adjust as needed.

Yes you right. Trying to see the positive, but stiffness, triggerpoints, something aches in my left shoulder, to much butt wink on squats, wanting to order books , can’t afford it. And school/ friends , fosterfamily.

Complaining to much I guess.

There always be something, learned that though.

Sucks ass

Don’t let the success of others put you down. You should be your only rival.

As others have said the only person you should be comparing your progress with is yourself. If you are getting stronger/more muscular you are doing something right. If you aren’t you are doing something wrong.

Comparing with other people only leads to disappointment, there are so many other variables you can’t control for. So just let others be and focus on yourself. There will always be people who find things easier than you, but there will also always be people who find them harder. You’ve just got to keep your head down and do your thing, and I think that’s a lot of the beauty of training.

Yeah, thanks for responding,