Feeling Like Sh-t

Life for me honestly sucks…nothinh goes right, especially with the ladies. The biggest thing that pisses me off is my lack of luck with the opposite sex. It makes no sense to me …I have all the ideals of a T-MAN in my life…Im pretty built, well read and generally attractive…the only thing i can think of holding me back is the psoriasis that I have on my hands…So I got two questions for those out there.

  1. How do I get better with the opposite sex
  2. How do I get rid of the psoriassis on my hands

Go to www.askmen.com and get ‘the system’. The author answers some dating questions on the site as well. Read a handful of them and judge him for yourself.
As far as your second problem, go see a MD.

Well, I have “acute dermatitus” - a extreme form of psoriasis. Had since I was a kid. I almost missed out on my entire freshman year in high school due to the fact that my “condition” was severely limiting my ability to move, walk, etc. I have since controlled it by diet and staying active (hey, folks of NAAFA - you should talk to me about a real, true blue medical condition).

Have you seen a dermatologist? There are some ointments that would be helpful. I use a cream called "Triamcinolone" that's really good. And inexpensive (and doctor prescribed). Or just plain old Vaseline. Works wonders! And watch out for extremely hot water - that irritates the condition. Also stress causes outbreaks. And it sounds like you've been stressing.

Hey, I have psoriasis as well. One thing to watch out for is public restroom soaps. It sounds silly, but those things make me break out every time. For the first time in my life, I started to develop psoriasis around and on my eyelids. I had been washing my face with the bathroom soap at my school. When I stopped, it stopped.

Plain on cortisone works for me if I have a bad outbreak. Something else to keep in mind is that UV is good for treating psoriasis. I find that in the summer, I never get any outbreaks, just because I’m in the sun so much. Tanning beds will also accomplish this. Children with really severe forms of psoriasis tan every day to keep it at bay. Good luck! I can’t give any advice with the opposite sex problem, though :slight_smile:

Another post with no details–hard to answer, except for the skin condition, and that has been answered above.
What do you do, or don’t do, when you approach women? Do you come on too strong and chase them away? Do you go for the wrong types? Hard to give advice with nothing to go on. Remember, none of us here know you.

Wow, I totally forgot about UV rays! And what you said is indeed true! That’s why I even use the tanning bed occasionally.

And I don't use perfume, or commercial hand / skin lotions, or soaps - basically ANYTHING that contains "perfume" is a no-no for me. And sometimes, you have to watch out for laundry detergent and dish soap! I can only use two brands of laundry detergent (Tide and what use to be that "Amway" brand, believe it or not), and I have to be seriously mindful of doing the dishes.

I also began, when I was a kid, to drink ALOT of water - a habit which I maintain to this day (for other reasons, too), but I felt it helped me with my condition. Alot of people who know me, don't know about this and the few who do, can't believe that I have a skin condition. So, somethings working.

It was called SA8, and it’s STILL called SA8, though it has a few different formulations now. You might want to check out the SA8 Baby, as it TOTALLY rinses out.

I may just have to do that. I can get that stuff now at the Quixtar website, right? Oh god, and do I have to deal with them pyramid crazees? Oh no, the horror! I may just stick with Tide.

You can get it directly from the site, but you do need to sign up at least as a “client” (which is free), which does require a referring agent. You can either call the company and have them refer you to a local “platinum” (where you run the risk of that pressure thing), or I can hook you up with no obligation whatsoever (and mind you, this is the ONLY way I’d deal with some one). There’s also the “member” option (you get it at 6% over “wholesale,” but the membership costs something like $35, ala Costco). If you want to contact me, check one of my posts at either Slowtwitch.com or NAAFA (as I can’t post my e-mail addy here) and we can “talk” offline.

I’ll go to Slowtwitch.com - but I ain’t gonna go to NAAFA - no, no, NOOOOOOOO! he he he!