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Feeling Like Giving Up Because of Injury


I had my colon removed when i was 15 but with the advice i found on this site I've managed to work out a high calorie diet that doesn't cause me any problems. sadly something unexpected happened when i tried to start SS last monday.

i got to the gym and the free weights room was packed. 3 people queuing for the squat rack 4 for the bench. well i had to be in work in an hour so i couldn't hang round. i thought ill go do some work on the machines and start SS on Wednesday. i use the more useful machines and cool down with 5 min on the bike. later on that night i notice that one of my scars is lumpy, there's a tiny bulge when i look down. i got to the doctors and my fear is confirmed. A fucking hernia! turns out the muscle never healed fully after an op years ago and lifting forced it open enough to cause a hernia. it doesn't hurt but i cant do anything strenuous till i have an operation to fix the muscle tissue and recover. the doctor said I'm lucky, had i used barbells and higher weights as i had planned it probably would have been much worse.

so its gonna be a couple of months before i can start, I don't want to miss a holiday I've got booked which i payed more for so i could go to a resort with a gym!

Sorry for the pointless post i just felt like i needed to vent to people who understand why im pissed off. people have said to me "well now you've got an excuse not to go the gym!" like im one lucky bastard...some people.


When you’re dealing with injuries, you really just have to do what you can. My dad was in an accident years ago and he deals with this sort of frustration. It irritates him when he sees people being lazy because he wishes that he had the ability to do the things that they simply choose not to do.


Damn man that sucks, well don’t lift if you have a hernia. It’s not worth it. I’m sure you can do light cardio, and a small amount of exercising. Don’t worry though, just wait it out and start it up again when you can. Keep it up man!


there are lots of guys working around hernias man. that is no reason to stop. you just have to train smarter now. obviously heavy deads/squats are out but there are lots of guys that have built lower bodies with high volume hacks, leg press, lunges, etc. just step back, get past this, and do some research on hiit, supersets, forced reps, circuits, bodyweight.

i tore my hamstring a few weeks ago. cant squat or deadlift. i did a high volume workout for my quads.
walking lunges 10x10 w/ 30s rest
deficit reverse lunges w/ 25lb weight vest 10x10 w/ 30s rest
hack squats w/ barbell 10x10 w/ 30s rest
leg extensions 10x10 w/ 30s rest
swiss ball glute bridges 10x10 w/ 30s rest

total reps is 500. took me an hour. my legs were fucked for 3 days. i havent had that kind of stiffness in ages.

just goes to show you can still make gains. just need to think outside the box.

good luck.


I second Seth. It doesn’t have to be the end you’ve just gotta train smarter now.


I’d choose exercises which do not increase blood pressure inside your bowels that much. They probably all do it to certain extent, but squats and deadlift are the hardest I quess.

You also need to do more volume than intensity. Avoid all-out effort e.g. ramping to 1 max set. Id go with 6x6 with equal weight - you’ll have 35 reps of volume but still work with a weight you can do max 8 reps with, which is a nice intensity.

Think about exercises which will not strain your midsection that much and choose one for each movement. I’d go with DB rows for pulling and decline BB for pressing. Lower body is more tricky I think - could be leg-press with a single leg (10x10) and light intensity rack pulls to strengthen lower back (5x5).

Try to get proficient with those exercises and add progression carefully.

Best of luck!


Depending on how long you have till your holiday, I would say just take it easy before your holiday so you don’t fuck that up by really fucking yourself up. You are not a pro BB so I see no reason to try to fuck with lifting around something like this until it is fixed. Chances are you could maybe figure out how to work out without messing it up more but if you fuck up one time then you are screwed. I say you have the rest of your life to workout just relax and enjoy the holiday.