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Feeling Like Death on Adex?

Ive been running AAS cycles for almost 25 years and have found that as I’ve got older the need to regulate e2 has ‘seemed’ to be needed less and less. Ive based this solely around the diminishing gyno symptoms I’ve been experiencing. Let the flaming commence!!!

I can run 3g of test with no ai, have libido sky-high, feel great, consistent weight and strength gain etc. And of course…no gyno!

Having read various bits on the net some opinions have explained that as long as the e2:test ratio is within a certain a range then an ai may not be needed- hence me experiencing no noticeable sides.
Others have said that regardless of ratio, an elevated e2 can be extremely detrimental to health and therefore needs to be regulated.

My stats are; 42 years old, 5’9, 284lbs.
Current cycle:
Week 1-17: 2100mg test
Week 8-16: 900mg mast E, 1200mgEQ
Week 17- present: 900mg Deca, 700mg winstrol

This cycle will continue until i plateau and a cruise will be run.

I dropped the eq due to high RBC making me feel terrible and switched to Deca. I love running Winstrol with a 19nor as it seems to negate sides such as lactate.

Running this cycle felt great, added 0.5mg 3 x pw and can’t get out of bed as I’m so lethargic. Seem to have lost some bloat around midsection but also feel as flat as a pancake everywhere else as well. Appetite has dropped but this could be due to the oral winnie.

So my questions are, has anyone run high mg without an ai, included one and then felt like sh1t?

Is the ratio e2:test important or should e2 be kept low regardless?

Can individuals really vary that much in how sensitive they are to e2?

Thanks fellas.

5’9" and 284! Gotta… see… pics.

Sorry, I have no experience running compounds that high to provide proper comment.

Eh. The ratio is broscience. But much like a lot of the BroWisdom passed on by our Brelders there is some truth to it. Estrogen is highly anabolic. It’s good when you want to build muscle. But like everything else, too much is, well, too much. If you feel good with high e2, have no dangerous side effects (think BP, mood swings), and don’t like how you feel on adex, then I think you know the answer to your question. Go with what works for you.

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That’s what I thought. Bro science or as I like to call it ‘anecdotal evidence’ is usually what I base my med choice on.
It seems these days that if you run a cycle an ai is a prerequisite! At least it seems to be in the UK. I’ve seens threads of guys running 400mg of tear on their first cycle and starting out with 0.5mg of adex!

Would be interested to know if anyone else runs high mg cycles with no ai.

By the way, what do you click on to ‘qoute’ a post?

You just highlight it and you’ll see a Quote button pop up. You can do it multiple times for one response

I think if you don’t need it don’t take it.

Your huge by the way but I still dont understand certain things about the cycle.

So for the test I think anything over 1.5 grams especially when using other compounds is just pointless regardless of size.

Why run the mast E so high? The 1200 EQ looks solid but why only run it for 6 weeks? I don’t understand that high of a dose of mast E your not using it for its aesthetic benefits if you were it would be at the end of a cycle before stepping on stage not before adding deca and why stop the mast E when you add the deca?

900mg deca sounds like a solid bulking dose but why 100mg/winstrol a day? Again thats a very strong dose generally used to dry out before competing that dose seems ridiculous especially when using a wet compound like deca. I see you like to run it to negate prolactin sides of 19 nors other drugs can do that much better without the toxicity.

Im assuming you compete in some kind of strongman contest? And you know your body better then me but I can’t help but think your taking unnecessary risk and I don’t exactly understand the logic behind how the cycles is stacked.

Edit : I’m not saying your neccarily wrong I more so just curious as to your reason for how you have it set up with the doses and compounds.

At 1g or above I can do well without an AI if it is test only. But only for a span of maybe 7-8 weeks before I notice sides I don’t want. Oddly enough, lower doses for me require a little AI use. Probably due to multiple compounds in the mix. No AI, and a splash of Nolva, with a decent bump of test is where I feel best at this point (14 years of gear use).

Thanks for the feedback guys.
I know the cycle looks like it’s all over the place but I did try to explain some things in the opening post.

I initially was going to run a test only cycle but decided after 8 weeks to add in EQ but due to really high RBC which made me feel awful I decided to drop it and replace with deca.

Mast I love at 900mg pw. For me it a real ‘feel-good’ compound and when other AAS exceed 3g pw I feel it’s a great addition as I can feel at times slightly premenstrual!

Winstrol for me is a great anabolic component to this cycle. The strength and endurance gains on it I feel are phenomenal. I know many suffer from joint problems when using it but maybe because I always run it with deca, I don’t find that at all.
The massive gains in strength are essential in stimulating muscle fibre.

I’m actually a bodybuilder. I suffered a complete distal bicep tendon rupture in May last year and returned to the gym mid-Jan. I was running a big cycle at the time and came off cycle completely without running pct.
Unfortunately I slipped into ‘party mode’ but still managed to hold onto 240lb sometimes not eating for days!!

All my cycles are based on what I’ve found works me over the years. The only compound I HAVE to steer clear of is tren because I get really aggressive on it. Not good when working as a bouncer in London!

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Ok that makes sense I figured you competed in something.

So is the goal for this cycle to bulk up then in the future run a pre contest cycle and cut?

Also if you don’t mind sharing for my knowledge. what cycles did you run in the past for pre contest?

If I can stay injury free until the end of the year I’ll put a plan in place to do a late qualifier for the British finals in September.
That profile pics was taken every earlier this week at 284lb. That’s a 42lb gain in around 17 weeks.

Pre comp cycles in the past have been a very standard fast acting test, tren, mast, Winstrol, halo and the last week a carb-up on analpolon. GH I’d cut 8 weeks before the show.

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