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Feeling Like Crap After I Took AI


Was feeling like superman until I took AI. Now I feel
like crap. What should I do. I’m in my first week. This is the second pill. Felt fine after the first.
100 mg E3.5D test
500 iu hcg E3.5D
.5 mg anastrozole E3.5D

Nobody Responded. I'm Done

Two hours later I feel a lot better.


If you are an anastrozole over-responder:

  • stop taking it for 5 days to wash out
  • resume at 1/4mg per week in divided doses
    – that requires that you dissolve 1mg/ml and dose by volume or drops

Above described in the stickies/


Feel great now. The first 3 hours after I took it was hell. Thanks for the
info. Only one quarter a week? Or did you mean one quarter twice a week?


Maybe this does not apply to you. Note that the levels of anastrozole in your body/blood take a week to reach final levels. So symptoms of too much can take time.

Guys who are over-responders need 1/4th the expected dose, so 1/4mg total per week. No way to know in advance.