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Feeling Like Crap After I Took AI

Was feeling like superman until I took AI. Now I feel
like crap. What should I do. I’m in my first week. This is the second pill. Felt fine after the first.
100 mg E3.5D test
500 iu hcg E3.5D
.5 mg anastrozole E3.5D

Two hours later I feel a lot better.

If you are an anastrozole over-responder:

  • stop taking it for 5 days to wash out
  • resume at 1/4mg per week in divided doses
    – that requires that you dissolve 1mg/ml and dose by volume or drops

Above described in the stickies/

Feel great now. The first 3 hours after I took it was hell. Thanks for the
info. Only one quarter a week? Or did you mean one quarter twice a week?

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Maybe this does not apply to you. Note that the levels of anastrozole in your body/blood take a week to reach final levels. So symptoms of too much can take time.

Guys who are over-responders need 1/4th the expected dose, so 1/4mg total per week. No way to know in advance.