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Feeling Lethargic on Winny

For some reason winny has been making me feel lethargic. But when in gym after my pre wo shake im able to go beast mode. But rest of day i wanna nap…
Im currently running it along with tren & prop… About an hr after i take pills i feel light headed. Then tired & slugish. Havent had skin turn yellow or eyes… Pee seems normal color… Taking milk thistle & b-complex for liver support… I guess im worried about the cholesterol… Im prone to thick blood so dont wanna stroke out. I feel pretty good tho but hind site 20/20 var is a much better oral

No help here but figured I’d ask what dose you’re on (Winny)

Taking 50mg a day…

I had a similar experience with winstrol. A few hours after taking it I would just be gassed all day. I work out in the morning and for the first hour I would be super beast mode; but after that I would be unfocused and tired, then the rest of my day I just felt tired like I wanted to sleep and couldn’t get anything done. It also made me super ragey, anything would set me off and I just wanted to break people that crossed me. I had to stop taking it after two weeks. A few days later I was back to normal.

25mg/day on top of 500mg/week of test E.

Yea if I’m being honest anavar is far superior… I can eat 80mg daily with no sides… winny makes me think my heart’s gonna pop or I’m a lazy turd… but when u kick into gym mode it turns on. I think u get what u pay for. Hind site 20/20 I give it a meh yelp review

As an experiment I did my same chest & tricep workout from last week same dose of test & tren but skipped the winny… Felt great all day with minor tren flashs but come gym time I just didnt have the gas like on winny… There must be something to why sprinters used it in olympics it does have some weird kick

I had a pretty positive experience with winny. It never made me tired it did however make me way to tight. To the point where it felt like I was tearing muscles when working out. And not in the good way. It also caused my muscles to lock up when trying to scratch my back not cramp but literally lock and I’d have to stretch.

All in all I’m getting all the same benefits out of masteron without the few negative sides I got from winny.

Have you thought of adding mast to your stack?

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I had a similar experience on winny. I forget the exact stack I was running when this happened but it wasn’t my first or second time with winny. It was the same source and I always ran it with milk thistle. Long story short I got some TUDCA and it made a world of difference. At the time I read up and TUDCA flushes or cleans differently than milk thistle. The first couple of days on the TUDCA my pee was dark and I was not dehydrated. If memory serves me the TUDCA is one of the metabolites from taurine. It doesn’t dehydrate you or anything but it is related or connected to taurine. It definitely made a world of difference for me and I still run it with any oral and have never had that lethargic feeling on orals again.

Kinda too late its half way over and i got a ton of winny & tren left… Gonna just grit my teeth and hope I dont go full piana. I feel like yes…
I understand the tight feeling Im able to offset it with tripling my fish oil & hydrating. But yea still feel the dryness. I will try the TUDCA its worth a shot. Also do u guys think winny blows up the prostate? Im peeing constantly on it like a old man.

I think winny messes with how much water you keep under the skin and above the muscle. I seem to remember reading that. I pee a lot on it too but my experience has been limited to oral winny thus far, hopefully that will change soon.

I couldnt find TUDCA but I got some kind of liver support with taurine ect it was like 40$ at vitamin shop… Also I cut the breakfast from 3 egg omlette to good ol fashion oat meal and it did the trick… Possibly had to do with winny & cholesterol not sure… but energy is back

Amazon has tudca and nac for cheap

Winny just made my joints hurt but does give me that hard look for my shows. I was always tired but then again I was cutting stupid hard always gaining just a bit much before contest prep. Lethargically I didn’t get any of that and tudca does also make a world of difference

Im getting the hard dry look…but tbh my muscles had a much harder anglular look on var. Also felt more veiny on var. Upside to winny is price & appitite control on cutting for me. Also it does kick in hard once in gym so hitting extra reps is there.

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High dose anavar is THE shit. I would say it gives comparable results to high dose Tren. Ive been as high as 100mg but 80mg is the highest I’d go again.

The look you get on anavar is unrivalled.


Yea my fav cycle for cutting is…
Test prop 1ml eod, var 80mg daily, hgh 4iu daily 12 weeks… Its expensive but worth it imo…
For cheaper i get similar results with 1ml prop eod+tren ace .5ml eod + winny 50mg daily 8-10weeks…
These are my cut cycles…i get more size with the tren but the Var cycle is literally side free & I keep my gainz much easier… Var really is a great product