Feeling Lethargic on 3100 Calories?

Hi guys, I’m 6ft 2, 204lbs, 22 year old male, I look like I lift, but under my shirt I’m pretty chubby, I’ve cut for about 4 months now and really I felt so mentally fatigued doing it and felt like my hormones were going all over the place with little to no sex drive.

I decided to go to maintenance/ small surplus of calories 3100 to be precise and I’m tracking my calories and macros, protein, carbs and fat all good. I just feel so lethargic, but I am slowly gaining weight, I am always hungry but I know if I eat more the scale will start to rocket up and I’ll end up just fat.

Just wondering if any of you guys have felt like this, and how you came to deal with it?

I workout about 2 hours a day 6 days a week, I make sure I eat something before (usually a banana sandwich) workouts and something after (chocolate milk) but I seem to just sit on equipment feeling tired, get home feeling tired, wake up tired, I sleep around 8 hours a night.

Could this be nutrition related or should I book in with my doctors?

What are your macros and what kind of program are you following?

Hi man, I’m on about 240g protein =950 calories, 350g carbs = 1400cals and 80ish g of fat = 740 cals, I’m following a PPL routine as I have 4 dislocations in my shoulders so benching is hard, my max deadlift is 220kg, squat about 160 max,

I would try lowering carbs and see if that helps. I usually don’t realize how lethargic a high-carb diet makes me until I cut them back and feel better. If that doesn’t help, and you think your lethargy is abnormal, then I’d consider a doctor.

2 hours a day 6 days a week is too much gym activity for anyone on a restricted diet especially natural. That is your one reason for lethargy. Chocolate milk makes me wonder that your food choices aren’t optimal, so other reason could be that. You need to be more elaborate about them, also what bodyfat percentage are you sitting at currently with 204 lbs body weight?

I only have chocolate milk as it’s a good source of carbs and sugar after exercise, other than that, my diet is mainly, oats, chicken, steak, veg, and fruit

daily meal plan looks like

breakfast - protein shake, oats, yoghurt and fruit

lunch, oats, banana sandwich, 4 egg omelette with spinach

post workout - 250ml choc milkshake (190 calories)

dinner - 225g chicken or a steak (225g), broccoli and carrots and avocado

after dinner - yogurt with fruit and protein shake

I’m currently sitting at around 16% body fat

Well, it appears that your 4 month cut has seriously gone wrong.

well I started severely obese at 250lbs

No, I mean you were 200 lbs, 15% bf in feb as you told in the other thread and right now you’re sitting at 204 lbs at 16% which means your cut didn’t worked as per plan or you didn’t cut at all.

I went up to around 220lbs bodyweight at 20% in march for rugby then back down to 200lbs

Well then not only your cut went wrong but your bulk went wrong as well. 20 lbs in a month must be pretty ugly.

That’s a lot of fluctuation in a short period of time. That in itself makes this hard to gauge and also implies that your diet was not consistent. I would lower the carbs like I said earlier and clean up the diet in general and see if that helps. Make small changes one by one so you can get a sense of what does and doesn’t work.