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Feeling Lethargic During Cycle

Howdy T-folk,

I’ve finally taken the plunge and started my first cycle. Pretty much everything is going according to plan, although I find myself feeling rather lethargic all day.

This has only really started since my first inj. four days ago. I shot 500mg of Test Cyp, and another 250mg today, to give you a better idea of where I’m at.

Anyway, is this lethargy normal? I’m not overly concerned, just curious.
I seem to be able to train ok, I suppose I fire up when it comes time to lift.

Any input appreciated.

Very normal. BTW how much sleep are you getting? Naps?

I’m getting reasonable sleep. Perhaps a bit more fitfull than normal, but I don’t think it’s the Test sleeplessness that some people get.

I nap when I can through the day, although it’s difficult to find the time.

I’m sure I’ll settle into things soon.

It seems to be common, although I have never experienced it.

Even with alot of sleep I feel relaxed and like I could go to sleep during the day And when not working I often have a protein shake and take a nap .

It’s occured to me that I always feel very lethargic right after eating a big meal, or overeating in general.

Now I’m trying to pack in as much food as I can, basically eating constantly. So perhaps it’s that I’m constantly full throughout the day.

I’m actually hitting a wall at close to 4000 calories a day. It’s like there’s a point where my body says ‘no more’. This doesn’t seem to be a problem to me though, as I figure that if my body could handle more it wouldn’t give me those signals.

Sorry… drifted off topic…

Yeah its more than likely related to what your eating. I suspect you are suffering from low blood sugar levels caused by too much carbs (maybe too refined). This results in a blood sugar spike then plunge. You could try replacing the carbs with more protein and good fats to limit this effect.