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Feeling in Love on TRT?

Is well know romantic feelings starts when the hypothalamus is stimulated by sex hormones. You find someone attractive mainly because the influence sex hormones in hypothalamus. usually the less sex hormones, the harder to fall in love. So if trt stimulates the hypothalamus more than normal, you should feel more strong love and affection?
Especially for those than doesn’t block estrogens.

Also binds to the amygdala so you feel less anxious etc.

Anyone whit more romantic feelings from trt? Like girls more attractive?
If you find girls more attractive is a damn good sign the hypo is doing his job

Also I wonder Wich ester is best for this purpose

It’s also a well known fact, that trt improves grammar. You must have really low T.


I fell in love with my teddy bear


Let the flaming begin

Where’s the love for T cream? T cream 14 days to stable state or you can wait 6-8 weeks if you want.

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I think a lot of this has to do with higher estrogen levels. More serotonin. Oxytocin is likely influenced too.

That’s why many men feel so flat emotionally on super low doses… low estrogen.

I have very high estrogen but cannot seem to be able to fall in love lately…just wanna bang :smiley:

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Dude its way more complex than that.

For me personally, when estrogen is too high:
Too emotional
Too needy (with women)
Feeling “beta” and just not mentally stable.

When estrogen is too low:
Bleh, no feelings really
Nothing matters

When its well balanced:
Can be emotional but usually very unattached and dont care, no needyness with women

In relation to testosterone Im assuming?

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