Feeling Guilty About Eating a Bad Meal Here or There?

Does anyone else feel really guilty after eating a bad unhealthy meal when you’ve been eating clean the whole day? For instance I’ve had a clean day, nothing too bad then as soon as i got to work (in work in a gym across the road from KFC & Burger King) I had a burger king, so obviously i’ve adjusted my macros for the rest of the day however i cant help but still feel guilty for being weak willed and eating a KFC? does anyone else every feel guilty or is it just me lol, i feel even more ridiculous as im on a bulk so like its not too bad however i still feel guilty for having chips & chicken when i could easily have eaten a perfectly clean meal i’ve had prepared.

So you had food prepared and with you, and just said “Fuck it, I want a Whopper.”? As long as you recognize that it was the wrong choice and wasn’t in line with your goals, at least it’s a teachable moment.

If you feel guilty after eating a cheat meal, take it as your subconscious telling you that either you cheat too often, your “clean eating” isn’t really dialed in, you’re not training hard enough, or some combo of those.

Wendler recently said: “I think about it like people bringing their own food to a 4th of July party or Xmas dinner (or whatever) - you eat perfect the other 363 days/year, squat, push a Prowler/run and a few hotdogs won’t ruin you.”

I think that’s a pretty solid approach in general.

Yeah that’s fair I dunno i never treat myself and stick to reasonably plain meals 24/7 just cause its easy to prepare lol, but i did regret the KFC after, I want to a buffet the night before due to it being my birthday so two bad meals in a row has me feeling shit haha, specially when my goal is to do physique show next year so eating clean is my main focus while Im bulking so i dont hit too high of a bodyfat level. think the whole thing is just made me look at the bigger picture of next year so next time im sniffing deep fried chicken i will think twice. plus it also sucks that ive had to adjust my macros so i dont have a whole lot left to eat tonight :frowning:

Okay well, there’s your problem. Physique-friendly food doesn’t need to be plain. It’s stupid-simple to have things taste awesome without loading fat, sugar, or calories. There’ve been tons of threads about how to meal prep easy, tasty food.

Did you sign up and send in the entrance forms? That’ll be a motivator to cheat less. Do you know specifically which show you want to enter? Get a pic of last year’s winner and make it your phone background. That’ll be a motivator to cheat less.

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Once a week I’ll have a monstrous meal out but otherwise I eat 90% clean so I don’t feel guilty. I also normally do it on leg day (or did until I sprained my ankle a few weeks back) and in a social setting so it has a feel good bonus. Plus it’ll normally involve a lot of protein not just deep fried carbs so I justify it that way…

Anyway yeah, if it became more common maybe I would feel guilty. Equally, of it became really common it’s likely I’d have allowed that creeping justification to set in so maybe not!

Seems appropriate for this thread :slight_smile:


When i said plain i mean it tastes good however i just eat the same meal day in day out for simplicity due to the amount i work it just makes sense to make all the same things.

and im current decision making of which to enter so far, there is quite a few within my area! for the ones im looking into the 2018 sign up forms aren’t arent being taken yet, january is when all that is to be sorted. I am motivated for it but while im bulking i just have an odd slip up here and there, plus i dont really have specific cheat days? so i feel thats why i may have slip ups.

i really enjoyed this reply lol!

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Yeah i dont really give myself a day where i cheat, i kinda feel as thats why i feel guilty when i do slip up on things.

If you are really bad, there’s a 10 hour long clip of that on youtube.

For when you eat that gallon of ice cream…

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Never that bad, just the odd KFC here and there, don’t really crave sugary items

Look at this picture of a KFC mutant chicken next time you have a craving. :joy:


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now i just feel sad :laughing:

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yes and I still do it all the time

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I’ve learned through much trial and error that the immense-satisfaction I get knowing that I made the correct food decision far outweighs the simple pleasure that I get from some sugar.

Breads, (with crispy crusts and sour doughs) for some reason, are the most difficult to talk myself out of. I’m not enticed by much else. Agreed with Chris re: the subconscious filtering up and manifesting as guilt: listen to yourself! You know what you need and want if you are honest with yourself. Most people lie to themselves constantly. I am trying to quit :slight_smile:

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say ten hail marys and stop being such a pussy.

A cheat meal every now and then will do absolutely no harm.


No, I don’t.

sour dough isnt really cheating

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I have nothing useful to add except to say I started reading this while eating ice cream from the tub. . .


Sturat, I read your reply between sets :wink:

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