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Feeling Great


Been on a blasting cycle... 750mg/wk Delytestryl, and 50mg Tren Ace ED (Mon-Sat really)
This sunday will be 4 weeks on the Tren, up to 213 lbs and strong as hell. Got talked into staying on the tren for 6 weeks. Was staying on the test for about 12-14 weeks then going down to cruise levels. Getting super veiny and pumped as hell.

Anything I should consider stacking for the last half of this cycle with the test after I'm done with Tren?


More tren.


I bought an extra bottle in case that was an option, lol.... But it is affecting my dick game a little, thought I'd be ok on 750mg of human grade test?


Could be your prolactin or e2.

Are you running an AI or DA?


I"m running .5mg of Arimidex EOD...


high tren low test....700mg tren ace -300mg test and buy caber 0.5mg every 3-4 days


I think that would make the problem worse, wouldn't it?
I'm also back into motorcross, body building and dirtbiking definatly don't mix, FML.... Tren has killed my cardio, I can't catch my breath at all. I think I want to come off the Tren at week 6 for sure... what can I stack with my test that will enhance my VO2 max, is that even possible, lol.


everyone hates on winny, and I know why but I have done it three times in hight doses and my cardio was through the roof, I need cardio for my J.O.B. and it has never failed me, yeah jonts are tight and achy, but I just man up and get more dry, ripped looking and run like a deer, for 5'9", 220 that says alot


Winny is such and old drug, way too many sides for so little in return. Works great for some people, but after reading so many negative things, doesn't seem worth it at all to try it. Thanks thou.... theres got to be something else. I'm hunting for hGH.... even Chinese is hard to come by right now.


Amateur666 your right.... higher tren than test there are less sides. That being said you can do a Tren cycle while basically cruising.
So I've decided to drop the tren now while blasting, and jump on N.P.P @ 150mg EOD for the remainder of my blast.

I've also found some hGH - Norvotrop.... I know its Chinese, but its better than the kigs and the rest of the fake shit going around.