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Feeling Good With Lower T Levels


I labs done recently and TT was 673. My Dr. said to go ahead and up my dose to raise my levels. The thing is I was feeling really good where I was at. TT was also lower then it normally was for the same protocol I have been following for a while now.
I went ahead and adjusted my dose and after a couple of weeks I wasn't feeling as well. I was short tempered, loss of libido, and some other. So I stopped for a week and I am feeling better again.

I am wondering if my TT lab was off a little because it is usually around 900 at the protocol I have been on. Or if the lower number is a better range.
Is there any guys out there that feel better at 600 to 700 range then they do at the top around 950?



Count me in.

In my case, I suspect it has to do with lower SHBG.


If you don't mind me asking, what is your age? I am 53.


I am 49 years old, or as I tell my 34 yo GF, I am 38 celcius.


Yes, a lot of guys feel better at a lower dose. Symptoms are much more important than numbers, so just go with the lower dose if that is where you feel better.


I have been on the same protocol and my tt number has dropped lower than previous testings like yours did. what is the explanation for this?


lol, I will have to remember that one.


I agree! No need chasing numbers if you feel good.


Not sure if it was bad labs, time of day, or something else. They do vary sometimes, but not as much as the last one. I will go with if I feel good why change things.


I'm surprised that a doctor would raise your dose if you are feeling good, at that number. Of course we need our TT up in range, but I'm a true believer that how we feel has more to do with how high our E2 is compared to that number. When your dose was raised, I'm sure there was more aromatizing to Estrodiol, and that made u feel crappy. No doctors I've gone to so far think that we need to keep track of our estrogen while on TRT, but I can tell you, that I personally felt shitty when my TT was 1336, and felt pretty much the same when my TT was 90. Never understood why at the time.