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Feeling Good After Cycle

Hi guys. I have done my first cycle. I have used sus 500 and deca 250
for 7 weeks. And dbol 50mg the first 4 weeks. I have front loaded sus
and deca on week two.
Well my question is, Im 19 days ago from my last sust pin. And 5 weeks
from my last deca pin. And actually im feeling pretty good. I mean i
tought when the steroids worn off my system I would be feeling crap
like everybody says. The only thing i notice is I feel a little less
motivated, but that could be because other factors.
And I think i am hornier than while I was on cycle. And I also throw
bigger loads, that I noticed the voulume decreasing while on cycle.
So what is going on? It does mean that I have still some levels of
steroids in blood.
Im starting PCT today BTW. I am just curious why I am not feeling bad.
And if anyother experience the same.