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Feeling good a week after starting ED compared to e3d?

I feel really good only a week after switching to ED injections, and it can’t be placebo. I’ve felt like shit consistently for 4 or 5 months, the past 2 days, I’ve had hardly any brain fog, and my body has more energy. I can focus on things way better and I’m a bit more motivated. Could I feel effects quickly? I was doing 100mg a week e3d, now I’m on 150mg with ED protocol. My theory is because my Shgb is really low, going to ED is making me feel the benefits of 100mg a week that I wasn’t really feeling before. I haven’t yet gotten to the levels 150mg would take me to, but I should around 6-8 weeks when my levels increase and stabilize. Is that reasonable? Also E2 was 40 compared to 650 TT, which is not great, so could my e2 have come down that quickly?

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