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Feeling Fuzzy


I posted this on FA but thought it'd be good to post here as well.

I've been really groggy/mentally fuzzy lately and was wondering if it could be my diet? Am I missing something? Please critique, thanks!!! Btw, I'm 5'7, 165 lbs, 26% bodyfat. My main goal is to lose bodyfat, I'm aiming for the fitness/bikini look. Currently doing Waterbury and Cosgroves Real Fast Fat Loss Program (3 days of Metabolic Complexes) plus an additional 3 days of Steady State Cardio on my off days. Below is what I ate yesterday, which was a training day.

1 scoop MD, 1/2 sweet potatoe


2 scoop Surge + 1 sccop Superfood

6 egg whites, 1/2 c oats

5 oz chicken, 1 can greenbeans

4 oz turkey, 1/2 oz almonds

1 1/2 scoop MD, 2T milled flax, 2 cups spinach, 1 cucumber, 2t olive oil


Did you make any changes in your diet around the time you started feeling like this??


I started the program this past Monday. Prior to this I had been eating clean and low carb as well...


Sounds crazy, but it could be fatigue. If you jumped in to (making an assumption) in to a training program without ramping up, it may have fatigued you....


And your diet before??


I did the V-Diet about 2 months ago, followed it to a T, lost 3 lbs, which I gained right back after resuming solid foods. Since then I've been eating clean and low carb during the week and and splurging on the weekends ( I know eating crap on the weekends cancels out clean eating during the week).


I'd say it could be due to the lack of carbs. Your brain uses glucose to function and this comes from the breakdown of carbs. When you reduce your carb intake, it affects your brains ability to function.

Are you having any cheat meals? That might help.

For me I'm now using HOT-ROX and finding I'm a bit more "stimulated", but even on the best of days, my concentration isn't there.


I would revert back to your previous diet for a couple of days to see if it makes a difference. If not then it's most likely not your diet.


How about sleep, are you getting enough? I know when periods when i wasn't getting enough sleep it was tough to hit the gym hard.


you only lost 3 lbs on the V-Diet?


I thought that was a bit odd as well... The V-Diet should have ripped her up good, especially if followed exactly...

My guess is the low-carb diet and I'd go back to what Redgladiator suggested by going back to her old (not V-Diet) diet and see if that makes a difference, as well as checking her sleep to get a solid 8 hours of pounding the pillow sleep, not 2 hours reading a book in bed before zonking out, etc.

Between the sleep and diet she should notice a difference.

Failing those after a few days, I'd suggest a doctor visit and get your blood work checked (low iron/b12 possibly).


I actually had bloodwork done yesterday, they're doing a thyroid panel as well, should get the results next Tuesday. I did only lose 3 lbs on the V-diet! That was very disappointing but it did prove to me that I have the discipline to follow anything.

Y'all could be right about the sleep, I've been going to bed around 10:30 and get up at 4am, so I can eat before my morning workout at 5:30 am. However, don't think I sleep soundly so I was considering ZMA. Anyone have any experience w/ taking it? I kinda remember an article either by Waterbury or Berardi a while back talking about it...


Do you realize

  • you are not eating very much
  • you are not sleeping very much

That's not a prescription for feeling great.