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Feeling "Firm" When Loading Creatine

This may have been asked before, but I am having trouble finding any information other than annoying articles. Basically, does anyone else feel like creatine makes them feel more “firm”? Once you pull your mind out of the gutter, continue. What I am saying is, I’ve started fresh with creatine and am loading 20g for five days. Today is the third day and I feel like a stone statue. I feel like I need a bigger work uniform. Three flights of stairs is cake and I just want to be out there blasting PR’s. It feels freaking awesome, and this isn’t the first loading phase I’ve felt this way. Unfortunately, I’m terrible with supps and can’t seem to take anything for more than 1-2 weeks with dedication, so I don’t know if this feeling will go away eventually.

Anyway, what are your thoughts?

Creatine for me is good for a 4 lb weight gain. You may get more since you are a larger fellow than I.