Feeling Fantastic After Injury


That’s how I feel. Today I started squatting and deadlifting again, after two or three months of very limited leg training due to a back injury, which has also prevented me from doing much back training. But tonight, with consciously improved form, I was able to avoid the unnecessary stress I had previously placed on my lower back when doing these exercises, and, although my numbers were low, I still felt great lifting and know that I will soon be back to my previous lifts.

It feels good to be back.

I’ve started squatting and deadlifting again too.

It is a good feeling. I know my lower back is still tender, but I can still perform perfectly well, so I figured why the hell not.

You still need to finish writing up your plan on how to accomplish those goals of yours…

Man, I’m in the ‘newly injured’ category :frowning:

Just want to be f*cking healed already!!!