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Feeling Drained On First Cycle

It is my first cycle and on the recommendation of a friend I am doing pins on every third day.
So I am doing;

  • 200 ml of Sustanon 250 a week
  • 100 ml a week of trenbolone acetate
  • 1 20mg Anavar every day
  • 1 proviron 25mg every day
  • arimidex 1 mg everyday

I work pretty long hours and work out when I can , but I take my pills in the morning.

Every day at about 1:00pm or so I feel absolutely drained and almost sick. By the time I get home @ 7:00 I am pretty much ready for bed.

Also, when I pin I get some substantial swelling and pain for around 3 or so days.

I have tried to use the google machine but everything seems a little vague and I apologize in advance if I’m asking an almost identical question.

Thanks everyone!

perhaps the arimidex is crashing you? 1mg is quiet alot … I’m still new so I could be wrong

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Lot of mistakes here, did your “friend” sell you the gear?

200 mg (I’m assuming you meant mg and not ml) of test (sustanon) per week is a pretty low dosage, TRT range, and most recommend 500 mg / week.

Never run tren on a first cycle.

Anavar, from what I’ve read is often fake.

You shouldn’t run arimidex until if you start noticing high estrogen sides. You keep it in your pocket until you need it, and that’s a pretty high dose.

It doesn’t look like you did any research on your own. There is an abundance of resources out there on steroids and many will tell you to do a simple 10 - 12 week cycle of test only.

Also “work out when I can” sounds to me like you jumped into AAS usage without getting your diet and exercise regime set. How long have you been lifting? What are your stats?

Do you have your PCT set?


Your friend is an idiot. You’re an even bigger idiot for listening to him. Stop listening to dumb people. Your life will improve significantly.

As for your problem it’s pretty obvious. You’re taking 7mg/w of arimidex. That is an idea that’s so bad it could melt steel beams (unlike jet fuel). That’s the kind of dosage they give women with breast cancer to eliminate ALL e2 in their bodies. Because they have cancer. You are way, way over your skis here my man. Drop the tren, drop the anavar, and drop the arimidex immediately. It’ll take a few weeks before you get anywhere near normal e2 levels again. In the meantime remember this feeling you’re having and store it in your head. The next time you want to do something without doing even a modicum of due diligence recall how you feel now. You’ll never make this mistake again.


omg I thought it was 1mg e3d I don’t know why I read it like that, haha 1mg a day, I don’t have to be experienced to know that those dosages are unnecessary & almost definitely is what is causing those symptoms…


Jet fuel can melt steel beams… cant it? The news said so, so it must be right.

OP, 250mg a week of Test is plenty for a first cycle, however Tren Ace cannot be shot every 3 days. Its everyday or dont use it at all.

And as already mentioned, that Adex dosage man, I hope its a typo like the ‘ml’ instead of ‘mg’.



That’s the dose I took lol

Anyway this cycle is terrible


Thanks , I definitely deserve the berating a bit for not doing my due diligance , trusting a person who obviously talks a bigger game than they know.

This is why I came here , to ask experienced people, I will drop the arimidex .

So The new cycle I will keep is.

Test sust250- 300 a week
Drop the tren
Definitely drop the arimidex
Anavar 20 - every day
Keep with 1 proviron every day ?

Thanks for the scared straight advice here .

No ugh, a friend of a friend.

This is a learning lesson and I’m grateful I decided to join this forum after a week and a half of being an idiot.

Come here for the knowledge and leave with the gains

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How long are you running this cycle? Limit the var to no more than 6 weeks and test should be 12 weeks IMO.

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I’d drop everything except the test. If your going to keep the var make sure your not drinking as well and I agree with @blshaw, no longer than 6 weeks.

1mg/day of arimidex!!! Holy crap. No wonder you feel terrible. You can crash your estrogen on 1/3 of that.

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Thanks, should I keep the proviron ? I can always drop that as well for my first cycle.

Was going to run it for 12 weeks of test and I’ll do 6 weeks of var.

I don’t drink at all when I train, not worth the headache the next day is one of the many reasons I don’t haha

This post makes my joints hurt

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Yes, my joints do hurt a bit . Glad I found this site as soon as I did . Very grateful

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Irons the voice we all need in the back of our head


You are a god amongst men.

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You’ve definitely crashed your E2. I would drop everything and up the T dose to 400mg/wk
Nothing raises E2 faster than a big slug of T. In 7-10 days you should be feeling much better.

There is nothing wrong with letting your E2 rise when blasting. Its very good for your joints on the heavy lifts. Speaking of that since your E2 has tanked be careful you are more susceptible to injury. Wait until you feel better to add that extra plate.

A mini blood test might be in order. Nothing makes the nerves more settled than knowing for sure.
Here’s where my E2 was 48 days into my last blast. I think I took a total of 3 anastrozoles .125mg for a couple of days but that was all. My shoulders felt great with no dull ache the morning after.
I have normal bloods coming up in mid Feb and will make any final E2 adjustment when I get those.My SHGB runs 22-29 so I like to keep my E2 in the 25-30 range normally.




Thanks , that’s what I’ll do here as today is my next pin day. Thanks a ton