Feeling Drained, Help?

I’m on my third week of trt. Week 1 I started 100 mg twice a week 500 iu hcg twice a week 1mg anastrozole split twice a week. This was way too much! Felt amped as hell!! Almost like being on cocaine only without the pounding heart and a strong feeling of well being which was weird. Week two I dropped it to 120 mg split dose twice a week. 500 iu hcg twice a week. No AI. Felt better but still amped. I only did the first shot of test 60mg and hcg. The other half of the week I dropped it to 24 mg EOD and 100 iu hcg ED still no AI. Felt great libido through the roof energy awesome! Now a week later I got a little anxiety but it went away. Libido dropped not completely but not like it was and my energy is good right after injection of test and after hcg the next day but only for about four hours then I feel drained for the rest of the day. I don’t know what to do anymore. Going for labs in four days.

Your body probably doesn’t know what to do with the new hormones. I’m surprised you felt amped as it takes most people 4-6 weeks to feel anything. I took me about 4. The anxiety could be due to the fluctuating hormone dosages and also the E conversion. Stick with the 120mg twice a week protocol and not the first one. Since you already started on the AI, stick with the 1mg a week spread out or at least take half the dose with each injection. Then give yourself some time to even out and try not to stress. Could be placebo/stress.

Get labs after 6 weeks and post here.

I’m gonna up it to 28 mg EOD. Which is about 100 mg a week. 1.25 hcg ED and 1/8 mg anastrozole EOD with the test. Get my bw in 4 days and then two weeks later and go from there. Don’t want to crash my E. I’ve also been sensitive to everything.

Before trt my Estradiol was 20