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Feeling Desperate. Self-Medication Bloodwork

In need of some serious advice. I’m not a body builder by any means and I haven’t done this for physical aesthetics. I’ve done it for well being. I’m 28.

Following a routine blood check I decided I did some research and decided to self administer some medication. I noticed prolactin was high, so I got hold of some pfzier cabergoline. I didn’t have symptoms, I just thought the lower would be better.

Test. 21.7 ref 8.6-29
E2. 113 Ref 41-159
LH. 7.59 Ref 1.7-8.6
FSH. 5.2 ref 1.5-12.4
Prolactin. 526. Ref 86-324
SHBG 40.5

After using cabergoline. 5mg for a month I started experiencing negative side effects. Bad sleep, depression ED. I got more blood work. I didn’t panic too much and got blood work.

Test increased to 26.7.
Prolactin dropping to 9, yes 9 ref 86-324.
E2 increased to 160 high.
LH stayed the same.
FSH increased to 5.7.
Everything else relatively the same.

I then decided after some more research and symptoms I’ll use some aromasin.
I felt so much better and got more bloods to confirm I wasn’t crushing E2 or anything Same lab used.

SHBG lowered to 30.3
E2 100. Suprised it’s not lower given I used 25mg every other day, I must aromatise very quickly.
Test read as high 33.7 which is 900+ng/dl
Free test calc. high 0.9 ref 0.2-0.62
LH and FSH not tested but I assume high.

With hard Morning erections and good sex drive, I gathered I had addressed the issue and I decided to stop all medication. Knowing aromasin is suicidal I didn’t think I had to worry about what was to come. I thought I could stop and go back go my normal life. I felt like I had achieved a sweet spot.

Now 3 weeks later I have encountered serious problems. Extreme depression. massive erectile dysfunction, zero sex drive. My depression was so bad I decided to take some time off work, can’t focus on my job. I have no morning erections, worse then before I started all of this. I wish I never began caber or aromasin in the first place. Penis is very limp, feels like no blood is in that area. Can’t get aroused at all.

I’ve ordered more bloods to see what’s going on, I’ll post them here in a few days. I’m in a bad way, girlfriend suggests anti depressants, she’s very understanding however I know this is hormonal.
Do I wait this out? Should I go back on aromasin just to feel normal. I’m feeling like this is could be E2 rebound from high free test, even thought the literature says it shouldn’t rebound. Much help needed.

Is it possible I’ve just shut myself down or something ? It sounds like I’ve come off a steroid cycle or at least feels that way judging what I’ve read. I’ve only used medication that effects natural levels. I haven’t used testosterone or anything or the sort. I don’t feel like I should go to a doctor as I believe they’re knowledge of these hormones are inferior. I honestly feel pretty helpless and this is a last ditch attempt.

Many thanks

I could go on, but I’ll just say you need to stop and see a doctor.

You used chemicals to push your levels way above what is normal for you and then stopped using the chemicals. Exactly what gave you the idea that you would maintain a chemically derived “sweet spot” without the chemicals? Seriously, just because you fill the gas tank for a month doesn’t mean the car can just drive forever after that without more gas.

Yeah fair comment, I just thought worst case senerio is that testosterone would just lower back down to my normal levels and estrogen wouldn’t rise due to aromasin being a suicide inhibitor.

aromasin is a very weak inhibitor in some guys, anastozole is stronger for most.