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Feeling Depressed. Is This a Result of TRT or Something Else?

I started TRT about 2 weeks ago. Immediately the results have felt positive, but after a few more injections (40mg EOD, and just added HCG as well), I have fallen into this deep depressed hole. My job feels like it’s crumbling before me, I’ve started drinking every night, my relationship has fallen apart. I’m suddenly facing eviction due to my landlord finding out I have a pet and demanding I find him a new home. All within a week, and after starting TRT.

Initially I felt stronger and more up to life’s challenges (aka the early stages of the above life problems). But now it just seems like everything is over. I’m so terrified of the problems at work that I’m not even going in.

I went from seeing all my problems as something I can overcome to feeling like the weakest man in the world.

Is it possible this is related to the TRT, or something with E2, already? Or am I likely just facing a mountain of life’s problems? I know that drinking on top of worrying about E2 isn’t the smartest either. I have absolutely no nipple sensitivity or anything gyno related.

That is not from low t or trt or e2. Sounds like you have just been making bad decisions and they are just all starting to show their consequences


Last I checked “facing eviction due to my landlord finding out I have a pet and demanding I find him a new home” isnt a side effect or TRT


Sounds like extreme stress. Although yiu should post your blood test results pre-T if you want some answers regarding your TRT. You’ve hit a series of life changing events all in a few short weeks. Your responding with anxiety and fear of the unknown. List your problems, find the most urgent one, then get a list of every thing you could try to correct it. I would calmly talk to your landlord and apologize, then ask if you can remove the pet and stay. Home comes first. Then deal with the drinking problem, as it will cause more problems.

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Drinking is a great way to make your E2 go up. When I crashed my E2 I drank a couple beers a night for two weeks and it brought it right up. Probably not the best thing to do while you are trying to get dialed in and your hormones are out of whack for a couple months. You may want to get a blood test and check other things in addition to your hormone levels to see what may be going on. Certain deficiencies can cause you to feel horrible similar to depression. They do for me anyways.

Look into the laws in your state regarding service animals. In many places a dog can be considered a service animal if it being trained to perform a task. Doesn’t mean it has to be able to do the task. I did real estate in NYC for years and there are ways around things (depending on local laws).

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Thanks guys. I’ve just never faced problems like these, all in such a short period of time. I’m a pretty straight shooter, and life normally goes my way.

My E2 before starting was 24, SHBG of 48. I’m very low body fat too, and the problems began even before adding HCG. I do doubt it’s E2, but I want to rule that out before driving myself more nuts trying to fix everything.

The first few months of trt were rough for me after an initial week or two of the honeymoon phase. Hang in there and it’ll get better. You have to give it time for your body to adjust.

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Thanks for the encouragement man.

On the plus side, I actually had high hopes that starting TRT would help with my horrible allergies and asthma too after reading some studies. The past several days I haven’t needed my allergy meds once. That’s nothing short of a miracle.


I wish it helped with my allergies (pollen)… I’ve never heard that before but I’m glad you got something out it so far. It’ll get better.

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There is your problem, your natural production is shutting down which usually take 1-3 weeks and as the injectable T builds up in your system which is low now that your natural production is zero, in 4 weeks it will become stable. If you change the dosage again in the future, you will feel off for another 4-6 weeks as your body adapts.

Testosterone Cyp (Half life 8 days) -Steady state in 40 days


Guys I later realized I forgot a few key details. I think I may have crashed my E2. Not looking for an out to my problems, but it’s reached a point where I didn’t know a bottom existed so low.

Before I started HCG, I decided to add some enclomiphene on top of things. I realized earlier tonight…the last 2 times I tried this so-called internet-bought enclomiphene, my E2 tested well below 20, and my libido vanished. I recall seeing a thread online around when I bought the enclomiphene of another guy who bought some too, and it destroyed his E2. Everyone suspected it may have been an AI.

On top of that, the past 2 days I’ve been assuming my E2 will be elevated now, so I’ve taken 500mg of calcium d-glucarate. In the past, at least twice, taking this for even just a few days has also put me into quite a form of hell. No numbers to back it up, but I’ve heard over responders exist.

Also, the poor care I’ve taken of myself this week has led to a visible loss of body fat.

And it’s funny, the days I’ve felt the best were after drinking beer.

My joints aren’t clicking, but they are a bit sore. And I seemed to be feeling better tonight after my HCG shot, until hours after I took more c-d-g.

Again, not trying to put blame elsewhere - I have my work cut out to fix my problems. But I can’t possible imagine any worse depression than this. It is bar none the worst I’ve ever experienced in my life.

Seems just the timing was very bad when you started TRT. Any such major change will make you feel uncomfortable first. Any way that you change how you feel internally will first shatter your confidence. And to happen to have so much major problems at that time…its awful man.

Also I l know many people feel shitty when they start TRT and need 2-3 months to dial in. Also depends how good your protocol is.

Stop drinking and stop controlling your estrogen - just let it be. High estrogen is very very rarely a problem.

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Thanks man. I can count on 2 hands the number of times I’ve messed up my E2 thinking I need to control it, and on 0 hands the number of times I’ve ever had any real high E2 issues. Hell, even when my E2 turned up at near 50 a year ago, I was feeling pretty great.

I felt horrible the first couple weeks as my natural test started to shut down. My energy crashed, brain fog. It was bad. I barely wanted to go to work because I couldn’t function at all. I do sales and was unable to close calls! I just felt unwell. I literally had to talk to my boss and tell her what was going on because she could tell I was super off. But then that eased up.
I froze sperm before starting this process as well so I could skip HCG and with skipping the HCG, I’ve been able to skip AI’s. I didn’t really want to add too many things in from the start. I’m about 8 weeks in now. My protocol just got changed so I’m feeling some slight sides effects again. You just have to allow your body to adjust to everything. You’re going through a lot. Of course you’re going to be depressed brotha! Your hormones are changing. You got an eviction going on and now you’re skipping work! you can’t allow the depression to make it worse. You have to show up to work. You gotta take care of business. Otherwise those feelings will get worse. Some days, you just have to put one foot in front of the other. This will pass. You have to do your part though. You WILL level out. Don’t explode your life in the meantime brotha.

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50 E2 is pretty good provided you have enough free testosterone. Just make frequent test deliveries and don’t bother about e2

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Oh that was a year ago…just before starting TRT it fluctuated between 20-24. I wish I had some labs right now, but I suppose that wouldn’t really change anything, and I need to just let my E2 do its thing.

Hey guys,

I drank some very hoppy beers and added an extra shot of HCG last night to see if it’d help. I felt much better at the time. I actually woke up with morning wood, but also a panic attack unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.

I know my body, and I know that even putting it through the punishment that I have, that this is not normal. I’ve been through benders way way worse, and the anxiety never hit a point like this where I didn’t believe I could function. Also with a hangover I usually get the shakes, and there are none of those. This is truly unique. I would call Dr Saya but it’s the weekend.

I’ve reached out to a few friends for help but they’re all sleeping/busy. I wish I could get bloodwork in a day, so I’d feel better knowing it’s hormonal (I’m hoping it is).

As for anyone who needs something from me, the best I can say is “I’m going through some stuff” which is completely uncharacteristic of me. You could give me the worst hangover on earth and lodge a bullet in my arm and I’d still be able to pull things off. I don’t want to get out of bed or off the couch. My laundry has been at the cleaners for days. The trash is piling up. Again, I’ve been in some rough places, but always been able to pull myself together and get shit done.

Also just looked at my body fat according to my scale. This is an all time low for me.

Any other suggestions? Thanks

Guys I’m crying nonstop now. I’ve been in bad places but this is a new one. Can low E2 cause this sort of thing? I’m literally trying to crawl under my couch to escape the world.

Again I have absolutely no gyno.

Crying is high E2, beer and HCG will drive E2.

Gyno is individual, not everyone has it.