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Feeling Cycle Kick In After 3 Days?

Quick question

I started my cycle 3 days ago
My cycle is 500 test e 500 tren e 500 mast e

And day after i got Pain on my balls
And now i’m like horny af

I thought it took way Longer to kick in
I have done test tren few times before but never mast

Is this normal of just placebo
Or was my previous stuff lower doses then packaging said?

If I were a gambling man I would bet its placebo. All esters are long and even if they were not I would still bet its too soon for that.

I was thinking the same, but i thought maybe the masteron was different

But really think my last cycles we’re bad roids
At 600mg of tren still not a really great effect

No not really, it still takes awhile. Yeah I would think they are bad too as you should get great results from much lower doses. Disclaimer… I’ve never run Tren, but have run most other compounds. Typically Tren is recommended in the shorter ester for first timers and great results can be had <300mg/wk. So… at double that dose you should have had some great results as well as some prominent sides.

My first tren cycle was with great tren, 400 mg of tren e and at the end of the cycle i couldn’t walk Longer then 1 minute without sweating

The drug starts working as soon as its injected. Most people confuse half life with active life. If its an enanthate ester, it doesnt mean it takes 2 weeks to kick in. You feel the effects of it once the drug builds up but some can feel effects sooner than others.



Sing got it on the head.

I personally felt my first few cycles within days and they were long esters. I was probably lower end of the natural test levels so that had to have an influence. Literally within hours of your injection, short or long ester, the levels of that hormone go up in your blood. So if your blood levels go up I am willing to bet some of us are sensitive enough to feel or notice it. That doesn’t mean the anabolic effects are going to kick in right away, that takes time for the levels to build up to the threshold along with the necessary continued androgen receptor stimulation to see results. Even long esters start doing stuff within hours it’s just not enough to notice in regards to gains and such. Think about if you started ingesting a carcinogen that is going to start doing stuff but it might take years to turn into full blown cancer with tumors.

If you or anyone is interested go look up the steroidcalc app and website. Even just a simple 200 mg test e shot will release more than double the high end of natural test levels the very first day after that shot. Double the natural amount is going to start stimulating stuff but it takes a little time for the levels to get high enough to see significant results. We still have to get to that “anabolics threshold” to see the lovely 20 lbs of lean mass gained.

So to the OP yeah you could be experiencing placebo effects or you could be sensitive to masteron or just DHTs in general, either way I say go take advantage of it.

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nice nice, i also didn’t really recover for the full 100% after my last cycle so maybe just got to normal again

but i don’t really care i love it, now it keeps me motivated to train like an animal and in a few weeks it will make me gain like a beast