Feeling Constantly Tired

Hi guys since I dropped HCG from my protocol a couple of months ago I have been feeling extremely tired mostly every day.

While I feel better off HCG I have definitely noticed being tired and a bit weaker.

My levels are the exact same as I increased my T dose to compensate for dropping HCG.

I inject 40mg every 3.5 days and have done consistently for over a year and never been an issue but I also notice start to feel even more tired around the end of the second day and third day mark.

It’s really affecting my work and so on.

I try to keep my total T in the 600 - 700 mark as this is where I feel best while also keeping my E2 below 20.

My SHBG is very low at 13.

Just wondering aside from Thyroid and FBC, what could I get tested by my GP that contributes to tiredness?

Also anyone any experience of feeling tired after dropping HCG?

What’s the lab range for E2?

Inject daily or EOD

I really can’t be dealing with frequent injections, not that I’m lazy but it just feels better knowing I’m not injecting so much if that makes sense.

Here we have another example of trying to play the numbers game. E2 below 20 is death. SHBG of 13 on a 2 shots a week protocolo is a roller coaster. You’re also in flux right now.


Low E2 can cause fatigue, just ask anyone who has taken an AI.

@anon4088051 Are you currently taking an AI?

Check sleep apnea. That was my problem

What if injecting so much is the key to making you feel better? Seems like it would be worth it then

Use 29g needles to make it easier for daily shots. Its your medicine, its no different than diabetics who have to inject daily.

I think the most glaring problem is thinking 20 e2 is OK. It’s not by ANY means in this case.

Add on top that HCG aromatize quite a bit, you most likely had higher e2 levels when using it.

Lastly, have you tried adding back HCG to see how you feel? If not why not.

and how did you solve this problem? is apnea cured?
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I got a new CPAP off of craigslist and a mask. I just recently got a mask that I like so my compliance is not a problem now. I also have a pulse oximeter that I wear at night and it tells me my O2 all night. WIth the CPAP my O2 saturation is good and I feel great during the day. Without the therapy I am exhausted yet tense all day.