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Feeling Chest w/ Narrow Grip Dips


i tried doing wide grip dips with leaning forward and my power really decreased. i also didnt feel chest too much.

i switched to a little narrower grip (but still a bit wider than shoulder width) and my power really increased and also i felt much more stretch and chest work.

is this normal?


If I dip with a wide grip my shoulders get chewed up pretty bad and I cant go very deep.
I use a slightly wider than shoulder width grip and I can pretty much go down to my knuckles in my armpits.

I think it is normal, and its probably a helthier long term option to do narrow dips over wide grip dips.

I'm sure someone a hell of a lot more experienced than me will chime in though.


Not sure if it's 'normal,' but I think that lean and the extent to which you flare your elbows have much more to do with chest/triceps feel than grip. In my experience:

For Chest- Forward lean, elbows flared

For Triceps- Stay as vertical as possible, elbows tight to the sides

When I do use dips (sparingly these days), I tend to shoot for a triceps feel. I don't have any effective way to hang weight off of myself, so the load would be pretty weak for chest work.


for me, elbow flaring doing dips is a good way to mess up my shoulders. the degree of forward lean, depth of each rep and amount of time actually spent at/near the bottom are good ways to increase pec involvement doing dips IMO.

don't just crash down either. if you can't get good control with your reps I'd suggest lightening the load to get a better feel.


ok guys. i dont mean that i go very narrow when i feel the chest best. i just go SLIGHTLY wider than shoulder width. like 4-5 inches both sides.

im confused because i heard than the wider you go, the better for chest work.


I wouldn't worry too much about it. Different people will get a different feel out of some lifts based on their individual genetics. If you feel what you're doing in the chest, use it for chest work if you want.


By mess up do you mean damage the shoulders or get a nice shoulder workout?
Can dips actually damage the shoulders or the rotator cuffs?
I feel like dips could damage the shoulders but I noticed when doing weighted dips that my shoulders get a really nice pump.


Im the opposite..if i keep the grip narrow and keep my body straight I hit triceps but if I widen my grip and lean forward I hit chest and shoulders but my shoulders don't really get pumped just kinda sore