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Feeling Burned Out


Shit, man. I'm really down these days. Not eating, not training... Got into cool shape this summer, but it's fading away and I don't have the motivation to go further.

I planned on giving my body a rest during september, then unleasing the dogs of war come october and bulking up to 220, 230 (I'm like 180 now). Just giving it all I've got, lots of good food, heavy basic training, the supps, plus you can get Test Enth over here for like one US dollar, legally. I was set.

Now I'm thinking, why bother? Got up to 210, 215 last winter, easily. Cut down to 185-ish. Looked good, for a while, people complimented, girls noticed, whatever. I wasn't in it for them. Just wanted to... ya know, look good. Which I did, and I'm still fine, it's just that, well, what's the point?

Lifting big ass weights, putting away the food on a schedule, no night life since you gotta sleep, drinking those God-awful protein powders and the pins... I stick myself, and it's tiresome and boring. It all boils down to a standout phisique, which is good for... what? Not self esteem, that's for sure. Not girls - although they appreciate it, they don't really put value on it. It's not a deal-breaker if you know what I mean. Health? Ya right! Burning out the negative energy? Yup, and I'm OK for a couple of hours after training. That is it.

I'm thinking on giving up on this whole bodybuilding thing. Been at it since I was 16, used to spend my entire allowance on gym membership and train in secret, since my folks weren't happy about it. I used to be 137 pounds soaking wet. Couldn't perform a pull up nor a dip. I sucked. I got better, got into a comp in 2002., got second in the junior lightweights, trained for myself after that...

I've been fat with no neck, I've been skinny with no muscle, I've been ripped and muscular... It's all really minutiae. I get excited when a big show happens, I read the rewievs, I scan the photos, I notice some really impressive bodybuilders out there. Lots of those posting here, as well. Then again, I honestly don't WANT to look like that. I used to strive for the Zane look, once I've reached my goal, I don't seem to care anymore.

It's all so obsessive, controlling. Get up, eat, take the pills and powders. Take a shit. Go to work. Eat more. And more. Rest for a while, eat, wait an hour, than train. Post workout shake, pills, meal. Bathe, sleep. One more meal and it's bed time. I'm lucky if I manage to jerk off once in a while on such a strict schedule. My shits are long and grueling. By the end of #2, I'm sweating like I've just ran a mile. My skin is oily, my odor heavy, I've got 2 sizes of clothes, pants in 34 and 30. The moodiness is all over the place on gear, the hands shake on stimulants, black coffee tastes like mud and the tuna like carton.

Burned out is what you might call me. Sorry for the long ass post.


Give it a break, and don't be so obsessive about this hobby. It's just a hobby. I was anal about it for some time, but now I have a lot more fun and make more progress by taking it easy once in a while.


Honestly, I see what you are saying. I have finally gotten to the point where I look like I've always wanted to (Well, close anyways). I was sitting in the gym yesterday doing calves and I noticed I had been there for 80 minutes already, and I got to thinking what is the point. I dunno, when I'm older and have a family I'm sure I won't be able to train for 90 minutes like I can now. I think in the next year or so, once I reach my goal, I'm just going to switch to a three day per week total body plan, that's like 45 min per workout, and just maintain. Feel like I'm spending my life in the gym.


Have you thought about maybe the 5/3/1 program? It's seems simple to follow. It's as tough as you make it. Four days or even two days a week. Main lift and two accesorie excercises are optional. Use a spread sheet and it calculates it for you. Not as many variables to stress about as a BB routine.

I'm going to start the program this sunday and so far from looking through the logs and threads in addition to reading the e-book I ordered thats the impression I'm getting. Jim Wendler states more than once in the book if you have commitments or your just not feeling it that day...fuck it,do the the main lift and don't worry about the extra excercises. Getting stronger is the main thing, not the long head of the tri-cep or outer sweep of this or that. I could be wrong. Just m2c.

It's all about balance. Sorry to hear about your shitty state of mind right now. Don't quit...just work through it.


Why are you on here.


OK, so maybe take a break, and when you come back, train for the love of training (If its there). If its not, gtfo of the gym and make room for people that love to train.

Maybe stop with the gear and stimulants, eat right, and train cuz you love to train.

I have a hard time understanding howsticking yourself can get boring, and walking around with 500-1000mg of test in your blood is tiresome, but if it is, perhaps its time to re-evaluate your goals in the gym.


I believe this is the correct answer.


the last name is fitting


I know exactly what you mean. I used to obsess over everything. I ended up deciding to take a month off.. That turned into 6 months. I didnt care about anything other then being happy and had the time of my life. I started going back recently but I dont force myself to go.


I would stop doing steroids if you are doing them... if you aren't trying to be competitive i think it's a bad idea anyway. Maybe you should gasp give up lifting for a while? Try something like swimming three times a week or more cardio. Hang out with friends and don't obsess about your body, cause the only person who cares about 'your ripped physique' is you, and if you don't care anymore then you are wasting time.


The funny thing is, you know if you stop, you're going to look back in a year or ten and think 'damn, I was in great shape. How the fuck did I let all that go?'

I would argue 'stop' and 'moderate' would lead to the same result because once you start doing this for 'general fitness', you become one of those people who lift weights for 'general fitness'.


sounds to me like you need a break! dont know how long or how much "stuff" you are putting in your body but it sound like you need to cycle off for a while! get your head together, go have some fun, relax, and try not to read into it so much. If you are like me, you brain is going and going and going all the time, try to give it a rest, it will drive ya nuts!!! find something you enjoy and can focus on and once your head clears figure out what you wanna do then. for now just live in today and chill! you'll feel better in the long run!


What, so you want us to lead you by the hand and tell you that it's alright to be burned out and all you need is to take a break and get back into it? If you're going to give up, then give up. We're not going to motivate you any more than you motivate yourself. If you look in the mirror at your own eyes and can't find a reason to keep going in the gym, there's certainly no reason that we're going to be able to come up with that will fit your bill. If you're tired of living this lifestyle, then stop. No one here is forcing you to do so.


I know you're frustrated and feeling down and I'm sorry about that, but this:

was really funny.


Thanks for the kind words, people. I believe that a break is what I need right now.

Aw shit man, it's more like 250 mg a week, if I'm bulking.


I dunno. I've been on here since the old days. It's more than a bodybuilding website.


Well, you know... You only miss being in shape once you're out. You see someone and your mind goes, shit, I should improve.

As for the gear... It's low dose T in the winter, low dose Primo/Winny in the summer. I've given this a couple of trys, and it gains me 5-10 pounds a year, with little side effects. I would love to compete again, though I'm afraid that I neither have what it takes, nor am prepared to go through all that prep. Did you know that, where I live, city level competitors are using both GH and Slin? I mean, it's a small comp and you get up to a 5.000 euros if you win the overall. Basically, it's not worth it either way.


Yea man depressing.
Why not pick up something thatll still help you keep some what in shape. Rock climbing is something I have always wanted to get into.


i hear masturbation is good, like chicken soup.

should leave you feeling better.

See thread about wacking it before training.


Yes, you are right. Thanks!