Feeling Bloated, Someone Help Me Out

haha yeah i do drink a good amount lol. I have been only drinking on the weekends recently though. I do actually eat more than that, i work 11 hour days 4 days a week though so its hard sometimes. Posted above is what i do when im at work. We have a cafeteria that open certain times a day, but the food i can eat that is healthy is very limited. When at home i switch up the proteins from chicken and i def try to get in more calories than noted above.

I will have to read up on probotics when i get back to work. Ive never heard really anything about them. Thanks for the suggestion

[quote]huviduc wrote:
haha yeah i do drink a good amount lol. [/quote]

Of course you do…

I mean why wouldn’t you? Everyone does it right.

A logical person might utilize a complete digestive aid when experiencing bloating.

Obviously you haven’t been reading what you can, because almost every nutrition article includes a discussion about digestive aids and their benefits.

This site is even equipped with a search function, but you must be able to type in words that are relevant to the information that your seeking, which may be a little too complicated.


I personally see quite a few problems with your diet, such as the fact that your protein is pretty low for cutting (try replacing some calories from carbs with protein)

But also, I think you have WAY too much fiber in your diet which could be causing you to feel bloated. All the oats and benefiber you have would probably make anyone gassy, could you give a break down of your diet in terms of how many carbs, proteins and fats you’re having and how many cals in total? As well as how much fiber you’re eating? Also, I find that pre-workout supplements wreak havoc on my stomach, maybe consider dropping it.

In regards to the last thing in your first post, any “cleanse” product is a scam.

And stop drinking beer.

I have no answer for you unfortunately, but I’d like to share my own weird bloat experience. I tried to start a separate thread about it, but I get some sort of gatewat timeout error.

I’ve been bulking for about nine months now, and am getting on the fat side. I’m currently around 18% fat. Normally I’d start cutting before I go that far, but I wanted to finish IBB first. Up until a couple of days ago the problem with this was that I had lost my appetite completely, and I was also constantly bloated, especially in the evening.

Every meal was a battle, so I figured I should mix things up a little, and health be damned, eat something I really love that I haven’t tasted in years. I remembered how Wendler said grilled cheese makes you awesome, and I love grilled cheese, so as sort of a half way joke I decided to fry up a few with whole grain bread, and for the first time in ages my digestion felt lightening quick after a meal.

The thing I was most tired of eating was eggs. I’ve been eating on average six a day for years, so I cut them completely. To get enough calories I went from low fat milk to whole milk as well. Now, three days later my bloat is gone, I feel more energetic, and I’m constantly hungry like I used to be when I started lifting. I was doing this as a psychological fix, but the result seems to be physiological. Could I unknowingly have been allergic to eggs? Is bloat and loss of appetite common symptoms of egg allergy?

The grilled cheese thing is pretty weird as well. Everybody dumps on bread, so I hadn’t expected a physical improvement from eating tons of that, but I feel much better now that I eat twice as much of it as I used to, even though I was eating a liberal amount of carbs already.

It’s a strange old world.

I didn’t read all the posts but you didn’t mention how much water you are drinking, if you are doing 2 hours of training a day (Cardio included) it may be something as small as not drinking enough water, because when you use a fiber supp. (benefiber) You need do consume allot of water for it to be effective. You should be drinking at least a gallon of water per day shoot for 2. Try that out and see if it helps. Good luck

LOL @ Prof. X establishing a hostile tone in yet another thread. Seriously, it’s a forum lil’ guys, if Prof X is impressed with you your experience on this world will not change a lot. No need to follow the owl down the middle of the road(james thurber reference)

To the OP, a weird thing that happens to a lot of people dude is that when they start eating healthy after many years of eating unhealthy(heavily processed foods, very little vegetables) they have digestive problems. Dave Tate talks about this, how his body literally couldn’t handle healthy foods like vegetables and he would be puking and stuff. It’s crazy how it works. Like I don’t know if there is an eventual adjustment period, but to this day I’m not real good at absorbing vegetables having spent my entire life not eating them. Do you think it might be something like that dude?

Like different people have said in this thread though, you can start eliminating foods slowly and see how you respond. I hate the bloated feel, when I get bloated I actually get facial bloat which makes me look like an ugly mofo, and since I have food allergies to a crazy amount of food, I eat a really restricted diet. But it’s fun, and it’s part of this lifestyle. Start doing the elimination diet and start with the vegetables. I know that everyone says you should eat them, but some people do not handle them very good.

Keep updating this thread though, since I had a good 2 years of my life messed up by food insensitivities, and maybe more. If it’s just bloating, then that’s not a huge deal, but if it’s an allergic reaction then you’re mental clarity + mood will be negatively effected.