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Feeling Better Pinning Once a Week Apposed to Twice a Week

So I’ve been taking 250mg of test e once a week ( every Friday) I’ve been doing that for a month and have been feeling really good! This week I decided to try splitting the dosages up twice a week. I took my first dose so 125mg on Wednesday and today I feel terrible. Really sleepy, hot flashes and just know where near as good as doing 1 dosage a week. I was just wondering if anyone had any similar experiences. Thanks everyone

I think you need to give it a bit of time to stabilize. But I felt the opposite. I felt run down by the end of the week on one injection. When I switched to two a week it was much better. Plus my total T went from 750 to 1000 ng/dL and my free T went up to 30 ng/dL on the split injections.