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Feeling Bad Day After Steroid Injections


Hey guys, so I’m currently cycling 400 mg (test cyp) split in two every 3.5 days and what I’ve noticed is that right after injection I feel unbelievable for a few hours, but then when I wake up the next morning and day or so after I feel pretty shitty (a little bit anxious, unmotivated, foggy, etc). The same cycle repeats. Anyone know what could possibly be causing this?


Your head. You should probably quit immediately and start your pct in two weeks.


are you taking anything for estrogen?


No, I don’t have access to one


prepare to be flamed…just saying

You shouldn’t have started a cycle without having an AI or SERM on hand. If you got ahold of some Test, then you should have been able to get ahold of an AI.

You might consider some bloodwork to see what your estrogen levels are