Feeling 100% Better on TRT

Good day my T-Nation TRT brothers,

I thought it time that I add my story to the board.

I am 46 years old
6’ 4"
291 Lbs

I have always had a large frame. In all my elementary school pictures I hold the prestigious center back position in every picture. Even in the 4th and 5th grades when early maturing girls had there short moment in the sun. I was just a bit taller. I matured late. I did not shave more than once a month until I was 19, no chest or back hair. I stopped growing taller.

I fathered 3 children in my mid 20’s. I earned my college degree in Logistics at 32. At 34, started a high stress manufacturing management career that meant crazy work patterns, extreme emotional effort to launch new methods, 80 to 90 hours weeks. I divorced at 42. I have always had high blood pressure.

Because of ED issues my girl friend made me promise to seek medical help. I think she just wanted me to get some Viagra. I had desire but could rarely get Mr. Snaky close to hard. I was using Biotest Alfa-Male triple douses. I was thinking I may be a little low on Testosterone. I was training for the USTA nationals in Ohio in late July. I participated but did not fare to well I consoled myself with the idea that I had a measuring point of my old self.

I searched for the right doctor and found one who had a video that said everything I was looking for. I wanted a doctor who specialized in preventing disease not treating it, that worked with hormone replacement therapy. I made an appointment, filled out a long questionnaire. Took my blood pressure, gave me prescription for Lisinopril. I promised to actually take it.

It made me dizzy for a week but I kept it up and got used to it. It dropped my PB 20 points on both sides. I went in for the first series of blood test and had to supply 22 samples for different test and did full 3 hour glucose test. Samples were taking at 8:00 AM. Total cost before insurance $ 2,000.00 my end came out to $ 621.00

At the end of August I went back for follow up with blood test. I asked for a copy but they did not send it to me only to my Doctor. I could tell something was up from the look on his face, he said "It was a good thing you came in, you have some real deficiencies. Your Testosterone levels are the lowest I have ever seen. Your total T is 39 out of a range of 250-1100.

They repeated the test to confirm these levels. Your Free T level is 2.8 in range of 46.0 - 224.0. Your Bio-Available is 5.5 out a range of 110.0 - 575.0. Sex Hormone Binding is 60 in a range of 10 - 50." He went in other details but my head was swimming. He gave me my treatment options, Gel, Implants, or shots. I had done enough research to know I wanted shots.

He said he was prescribing me 100 MG of testosterone Cypionate a week. He explained that subcutaneous was better than intramuscular and that I could divide it up over the week in two or 3 shots but for the first couple of weeks stick to 1 100 ML injection. He also gave me a prescription for Arimidex. The pills are 1 Milligram so get a pill splitter and take .5 every third day. He also gave a prescription for Sermorelin and syringes, also injections of B12.

The first shot of testosterone was a rebirth for me. It affected my mind and nerves first. Playing tennis I could see the ball like it had slowed down. Mentally I felt sharp as a knife. I slept better. I wasn’t getting 3 times a night to pee. I got erections that were as hard as steel.

In the second month my testicles began to ache and would sometimes feel like basket balls. It was all in my head they felt no different to the touch but I think my brain as losing touch with the boys. This caused a little angst on my part but if they did there job to begin with I would have the T levels of 90 year old women. So I just grabbed them like a rap star and just kept going.

By the third month most of the testicle issues had subsided. I began to be able to read my body better. If my nipples felt tingly take a little more Arimidex. To many night erections followed by none, raise shot frequency to 3 times a week.

By the fourth month I felt like I was dialed in and had a protocol that I could sustain for the long haul. 40 MG of testosterone Cypionate 3 time a week. Monday 6 AM, Wednesday afternoon, and Friday night, a total of 120 MG of T-Cyp a week, Arimidex .25 MG every other day. I also take Biotest; Curcumin, Elitepro minereral support, FA3, L-leucine, supper food.

But the proof is in pudding not the recipe. So I had my second series of blood tests. Here are the results.

cardio CRP ® --------------------------------2.7---------1.6
testosterone, free, bio and total, lc/ms/ms–39----------482
testosterone, Free---------------------------2.8---------117.5
testosterone, bioavailability----------------5.5---------231.5
sex hormone binding globulin-----------------60----------15
Albumin, Serum-------------------------------4.3---------4.3
IGF I, LC/MS---------------------------------75----------145
Z SCORE (MALE)------------------------------*-1.3--------0
ESTERONE, LC/MS/MS---------------------------41----------17
DIHYDROTESTOSTERONE LC/MS/MS-----------------Na----------30
IGF BINDING PROTEIN 3 (IGFBP 3)--------------3.1---------3.3
WHITE BLOOD COUNT----------------------------8.4---------8.9
RED BLOOD COUNT------------------------------4.87--------5.2
DHEA SULFATE---------------------------------387---------384
PSA, TOTAL-----------------------------------1.4---------0.8

I want to thank all the guys who post on this board and all the help they provide.

glad you have found success. gives some hope for the rest of us stragglers.

I see it more as a journey than a destination, but thanks to the help of knowledgeable posters such as yourself and others I have learned a lot. I hope my success continues but if it does not I know I can turn to my T-Nation brothers for sound advice.