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Feelin' GOOD!

Hi everyone, I just wanted to relate a nice experience I had a few days back…

Last weekend I ran into a woman who I hadn’t seen for about a year. She was with a mutual acquaintance (guy) who I know pretty well. This guy works out, too, although he’s more into the running/cross-training side of things. Anyway, I’ve been using all the good info here at T-Mag to slowly get bigger for the past couple of years, and I’ve probably put on about 8-10 pounds of quality muscle since she last saw me. On me, this type of gain is very easy to spot. So she’s with this guy, we run into each other at the train station, and she starts gushing about “Oh my God, you’re huge! I hardly recognised you!”, ande totally ignoring the guy she’s with. (This, BTW, is not her boyfriend, just a friend - although I think he’d like to be her boyfriend…)

Folks, for this almost-40, 25-years-in-the-gym ectomorph, it just doesn't get much better than that. I've worked damn hard for my progress, and to have a "civilian" (and a cute one at that) notice and comment favorably is sweet sweet sweet. Not only that, I got a date with her and we went out last night. So for once, the T-man gets the girl over the "toned" guy! Yes!!! Thank you thank you thank you T-Mag!

Char-dawg: Spreadin' the T-Dawg feel-good gospel since about 18 hours ago.

Congrats Chardawg. I have had that happen to me as well but not lately. That happened when I used to work at a gym. I hope that this lifts your spirits, as well as something else, and keep your head up…there’s more to come. And remember, it only gets better!

OUTSTANDING, Char! I have always felt that TRUE dedication to this Lifestyle can be a “Fountain of Youth”. (I say TRUE dedication because we have probably ALL seen the middle-aged “Skinny-Fat” guys stuck in the '70’s and '80’s with head bands, short shorts, “gold” necklaces and watches who do a half-assed set of Dumbell Curls then go out in the Gym parking lot to smoke). I’ve seen people LITERALLY look 10-15 years younger than their age because of the lifestlye; it CERTAINLY slows the aging process; and I’ve seen people recover MUCH quicker from illness and injury because they lived the lifestyle.

(For you "Young Guns" out there; you can "get away" with a LOT more things at 16 than at 40...hey...even the invincible "Billy The Kid" (Emilio Estavez) got killed; life and lifestlye caught up with him...)

So…Char…you’ve probably given us “Not 16” guys furthur motivation to keep pushin’ the Iron and watchin’ the diet! (Just one “getting- closer- to- middle-aged-Dog” question…is she younger than you? (Smile!!! :)----!!!

Nice job Char-dawg! I’ve actually received recent comments from people saying I’m either looking bigger or leaner. Unfortunately, it’s mostly other guys who have said such things. I need to get the ladies to make comments like that! :wink:

Konnichiwa…char-dawg: As a fellow who is also on the back 9 of being 30,
it was nice to hear of YOUR triumph!..I, too, realized my years of training are
paying off!..For every time I walk the boardwalk at Atlantic City with my Dad,
he shoves me continually to let me know that girls 1/2 my age are staring at
my butt & legs. Hey, char-dawg…“KEEP ON PUMPING!”

Mufasa, I know EXACTLY the type of guy you’re talking about. Yeeeesh! Those are not TRUE proponents of a healthy life-style, though - they’re people who delude themselves on a daily basis and are already paying the price, even though they often don’t know it! But hey, that’s the way evolution works, right? Survival of the fittest, and everyone else gets weeded out. And yeah, people routinely guess my age at about 8 years younger than I actually am. (I tell them that I’m “in my 30’s” - which is technically true - LOL!) If my hair would just cooperate a little more, I could probably pass for 27-28…

Yes, she is younger than I am, although not by that much. Probably mid-30's, I'd say. But she looks about 25, and actually, getting the comment/date from a more mature woman was, in a way, better than getting it from some 20 year old bimbo. (Of course it was in another way not as good, but one can't have everything.) You have the feeling that it isn't something she says to everyone "just to be popular". Y'know?

(Dude, did Emilio Estevez die?)

Nate, keep on keepin' on, bud. The comments will come!

Joey Z., that’s hilarious, man. I can just picture it! One of the things that I really regret in life is that my own father never understood the whole iron thing, and so we couldn’t really share something like that. But it’s great that your dad appreciates the effects of what you do, if not the actual passion for iron itself. Man, we need to start an Old Farts thread!

No…Emilio is alive and well! Just his character in “Young Guns”, Billy The Kid, eventually got killed…

Hella sweet, Char-Dawg, hella sweet! It’s just a comment here or there from another individual–trainee or not–that can really fuel the fire…sometimes our own perceptions–rather, misperceptions–of ourselves can really bog us down. Ride the high horse, my man, keep bustin bootie and good luck with your lady friend!

Lion King...I've missed your awesome posts lately, buddy! It's been a few days since I've been on and I'm trying to catch up here...some really remarkable stuff in the last few days, big guy:-)