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Feel Triceps in Straight Arm Pulldowns


Hey guys, just a minor issue, would like some feeback please...

When doing stright arm pull downs i seem to feel it in my tri's more than my lats. Any tips for avoiding this? i've tried doing them standing and kneeling with no real difference. Also tried actively squeezing my lats during the contraction and again this didn't help.

Do you think it's just a case of using too much weight and my tri's getting involved to compensate? all constructive feedback would be appreciated. BTW - no video to post unfortunately


may help


Honest answer? Ditch 'em.

I had the exact same shit on those. I tried them for about 2-3 workouts, and was never satisfied. There's a million lat (+ width) exercises out there, why keep trying to force one to happen if it doesn't work "correctly" for you?


Arms should be slightly bent and the elbow angle should remain fixed. And you should have a slight bend in your hips.

Try doing them with a supinated grip. No more than shoulder width apart. Or you can use a rope


The best attachment for straight arm pulldowns IMO


...the only attachment.


It also helps to hold the rope with your index finger and thumb only if you still feel the triceps too much.


when I do them i usually have one leg back and one leg forward, and my booty is popped back like I'm bending over. Is this 'bad form'? I feel it hammering my back and even my lower back a bit...


i usually use the V bar attachment for straight arm pulldowns. and keep my hips locked at a 45 degre angle. a trick i found was using straps and not even having all my fingers wrapped around the bar, just pulling with the straps. more lats, less triceps.


Thanks a lot guys, to be honest my form is very similar to Bonez when i do them although i've been using a standard straight bar attachment. Will give it a go with the rope attachment and see how it goes. Cheers fellas


your using too much weight.

my friend used to complain about this till watching his form, once we adjusted the weight he was using he felt it in his lats, not his arms


This is my personal favorite lat exercise. I do a superset with pull ups and this at the beginning of every back workout, and now i could no longer put my hands in my pockets.

It's kinda hard to explain the right technique. I also had trouble feeling them in my lats at first but now i literally get a burning sensation in my lats. Maybe it's because i superset with pull ups, not sure.

I do them standing with an easy bar attachment, hips and elbow slightly bent. As you come down with the bar, poke your chest out a little bit and bring your hips forward just a little as you bring the bar to your pelvis.

What i would suggest is you do them one arm at a time and use the other hand to feel on your lats. Rather than coming straight down with your arms go outwards a little bit. This really works.

Use your index and middle finger to apply pressure to your lats as you come down on each movement. Just adjust you technique until you could actually feel your lats contracting on every movement.




cheers guys. i did suspect it was just a weight issue. thanks for technique pointers as well, will give the various suggestions a go.