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Feel Tired Every Time I Train


Hi ct, long time i didnt write anything on this forum. I hope you feel good.

I dont know why but everytime i am doing a strenght training or a training that look more difficult after a few weeks like max 4, i feel really tired, my testosterone going down, my libido and anything. I am only 22 years old and if i remember when i was 17-18, i was able to do anything i want.

When i am doing strengh training, i dont push my body to his max ! alot of my friend doing alot of strenght work without coming tired…

i dont know what happen can you explain me ? maybe i have a problems ?


Each person has a neurological profile. Dopamine-dominant, Acetylcholine-dominant, Gaba-dominant, Serotonine-dominant or a balanced type.

That neurological profile plays a huge role in how much high intensity work you can tolerate. For example someone who is dopamine-dominant (extroverted, risk-taker, center of attention, high energy, etc.) can tolerate A LOT of volume and frequency of high intensity work.

Other profiles are much more at risk of neural overtraining from high intensity work. For example Acetylcholine-dominant people need to deload after 2 weeks of heavy weights training. So each 3rd week will need to have 40-50% less volume. Serrotonine-dominant people can’t tolerate high intensity work at all and if they are to do it, it needs to be in very small dose.

Is there something wrong with you? Maybe, maybe not. It could also be an hormonal issue. But your symptoms seem neurological to me so maybe you just don’t have the neurological profile to be able to handle a lot of high intensity work.

I suggest taking the Braverman assessment (can be found on the internet) to see what is your neurological dominance.

The Training of the Hal

It has to be adjusted to allow constant tempering.

No one is born acetylcholine-dominant. Everyone starts out with weak levels of serotonine. Dieting may change/worsen it and that’s why exercise is necessary.

Basically, you’ll never know unless you do a control study.

The factors at play will never uncover causational relationships but synergistic forces rather.

My coach uses none of the above. He uses effect-cueing. That’s coaching at its finest.


I agree, but it’s kinda hard for me to do that from a distance


Coach, I just took the test and am GABA dominant with everything else pretty even. Is there anything special that I need to take into consideration?



S*** Oh.


Hey coach, were can we found more information of neurological profile related to the strenght training, , and if there is some supplement you recomend to help with the neural fatigue?

I read your black_book, there you mention on how can we determine the nervous system efficacy this is going to take us as the same conclusion of the neurological profile speacking about the method of train. (intensity, frecuency etc…)?


Coach Poliquin gives a seminar on that topic but other than that it’s a pretty novel concept. And no nervous system efficacy is not the same thing, although it is useful.


Thanks Coach.


great anwers thank you coach really appreciate


This is all very interesting, and new, to me. I took the test as well. Acetylcholine dominant with the others being more balanced but very low serotonin. As far as deficiencies, gabba and serotonin.
CT, I see your comment above about acetylcholine dominant individuals and it’s right on the money.
Do the deficiencies come into play as well? I’m googling to help interpret results but what I’m finding is not helpful when attempting to apply to training. So I thought I would ask.
Thank you.


Nice to know CT, but now how will you setup a program for someone like this, who like to train in strenght and want to improve it, but cant event recover enought ? and i really like to train.

please help


I am working on an article series on that topic and it is actually something I discuss in my current seminars