Feel Terrible, Fat Gain with Zero Libido

Hi guys, I’m new here. I have been feeling like death for a over a year now with zero libido and it’s impossible to get an erection.i have gained a lot of belly fat and my face had turned into a moon… I’m beyond frustrated. I have been to a endo trt specialist and had full hormonal blood test done. They have put me on HCG with dhea and aromasin but nothing seems to be helping even though my blood test levels seem to indicate otherwise.

My blood test results

LH is 8 range is 1 - 10
FSH is 15 range is 1- 15
E2 is is 120 pmol range is 150
Testo us 19 Range is 10 to 33
Free testosterone 537 range is 150 to 700 SHBG is 14 range is 13 to 71

DHEA is 2300 range is 1000 to 6500

I noticed my SHBG is very low… could that be the issue?

Doctor recommended I take nolvadex with HCG. I have read so many conflicting information. I have no idea what to do. I just want to feel normal again. My relationship is also taking a toll.

Any help would be amazing. Thanks guys.

There seems to be confusion, please clarify if labs are baseline before going on HCG. Your low SHBG will dictate the type of TRT protocol, daily injections is pretty much your only option. Low SHBG men usually struggle on TRT and you will need about mid-range levels and high normal levels will only create problems.

I have low SHBG as well (14) and only do well on daily dosing which seems to be a trend of other low SHBG men. You want to be using 27-29 gauge syringes for your injections. Low SHBG can be because of obesity, insulin resistance, genetics and low thyroid hormones.

The only way to keep Total T in a tight mid-normal range is very frequent injections, otherwise levels will drop between injections and symptoms will return. HCG doesn’t always show good results because it only stimulates half of the testicles while suppressing the other half, sounds like TRT is needed.

If labs are baseline LH and FSH levels before any treatment, then it’s looking like testicular failure and would explain why HCG isn’t working.

I think he is saying these are current numbers, after hCG, DHEA and aromasin. While not improving symptomatically, these lab results have improved.

Currently, his doctor wishes to add Nolvadex to his protocol.

I would expect to see LH low because HCG is suppressive.

Yeah, you would. I’m just guessing within the context plus those numbers seem pretty high for starting TRT.

You don’t see too many people on hcg monotherapy that though tout their results unfortunately. My doc usually puts people on 10 days hcg before testosterone so he can say he tried it before prescribing testosterone (I’m guessing that’s why).

Thanks for the replies guys. I apologize and wanted to clarify some things I should of mentioned. I was rushing to make the post and should of taken the time to make things clear and tell you the full picture.

So these lab results are after my testosterone gel treatment. They were extremely low before I started the gel. I have been complaining to my doctor’s for a year saying I am constantly fatigued and my dick is soft and has completely shrunk in size. I have zero libido. I have put on a lot of body fat around my belly and my face looks is full of water. I’m on the verge of jumping off a building

So after complaining to my doctor she suggested I try HCG to kick start my nuts with nolvadex and aromasin to control E2. She told me I would feel instant relief from the HCG but it’s made my libido far worse, which I didn’t think it was possible.

I’ve tested thyroid levels and seem to be normal.

With low SHBG do I need more frequent but smaller doses of HCG? Like 200ui e3d?

I appreciate the help. I live in gold coast and all doctors here are dreadful. I’m desperate need of help or my marriage will soon be over.

You’ve been duped by someone who is new to all of this sex hormone stuff. HCG is suppressive and only stimulates half of the testicles and doesn’t always work, most of the time it doesn’t work.

HCG also supports adrenal function, but if adrenals do not need extra help symptoms will be encountered. Sounds like you need a TRT specialist, Adrian Zentner in Perth, Brisbane is TRT specialist.

Thank you so much. These specialist cost so much. It’s stressful trying to get together $300

So would you recommend I drop the HCG and just take nolvadex?

Very unusual, using gels daily, but your FSH and LH are in the high end of the range. Those should be next to zero. In fact, if on TRT, there is no point in checking them again.

What are you currently taking?

I was taking 50mg testogel with 25mg aramosin ED for about 6 months or so. Now doctor wants to try HCG with nolvadex.

I haven’t had a solid erection for a year and no matter what I do I can’t lose any body fat.

I thought usually guys are on 200mg gel/cream because the absorption rate of the gel especially is crap. I definitely don’t know what I’m talking about here so don’t take that as advice but maybe look into dosage.

Gel and creme are very very different but regardless, there isn’t really a good way to compare the dosages between either of those to injections. I haven’t been able to find one anyways if there is.

Gel pretty much sucks, that’s the consensus by the vast majority of people. Too low of dose, too low absorption and too many concerns with it being passed on to someone else, etc. It just doesn’t work very well long term for most.

The new creme’s are a different story… can be put on your balls (very good absorption) and they have high concentrations (20%). You can easily have 1500+ total T with creams, I’ve seen people over 2000 actually. I’m switching over to creme on Wednesday actually. They are also supposed to be very good at increasing free T, DHT and libido. Supposedly SHBG matters a whole lot less with creme than it does with injections, so that is another plus for someone like me with sky high SHBG.

We’ll see I guess, but a lot of people love it.

I heard about the cream recently. What are the advantages to doing this new cream vs injection?

The biggest one is increased DHT conversion which may lead to better libido in some. It increased mine to 260 which the top of the range is 85. If you are injecting only once a week or less you also may feel more stable as you apply cream everyday, some advocate for twice a day. If you don’t like injections/needles there is also that benefit.

Me personally, I found cream inconvenient. I did not like having to worry about what I was doing later that day that may wash it off and not get full benefit. Twice a day would have been way too much. I now inject daily and feel better about it as I can inject it go do whatever the hell I want in a matter of minutes and not worry about it.

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Hi guys. Just an update. I’m completely fed up. I traveled 2 hours to go beyond Brisbane to see a trt specialist and completely wasted my time. He said I should stop all medication and for my body to bounce back. I asked him about my high FSH LH level and he said it’s my pituitary trying to kick start my testies.

I payed $300 for absolute bullshit and I’m back to square one.

I’m begging you guys. What do I do? Start trt cream? Nolvadex or HCG is out of the question as my FSH and LH are high? Is this correct? Why are some doctors telling me to kick start my nuts with HCG when my FSH levels are already high?? Why can no one help me and why is there so much contradicting information.

Why don’t you just do trt injections? If a doc won’t prescribe it just do it yourself (if you are feeling like death). Hell all my doc does is send me testosterone in the mail. I basically do mine myself.


I can only get testogel and I want to try absolutely everything before I shut down my nuts with trt.

Would adding a low dose of HCG improve anything even if I have high FSH and LH? Will it help with libido?

This is 2019. You can get anything you can think of with 10 min of searching and the click of a mouse. I haven’t read anyone having decent results from gel or hcg by itself and you can always turn your nuts back on if you want. There are guys in pharma running several different compounds 5x trt doses and get their nuts working again.

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Write email here and setup telemedical consultation. They will help you out for sure.