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Feel Terrible After 1st TRT Shot

Hi there. I took my first test c shot 3days ago and feel terrible. First day i felt that stuff peaking hard 10 to 12hrs after my injection. I was buzzing so hard i couldnt barely sleep, maybe 3hrs. Day 2 was similar but less intense but i did sleep badly 5 or 6 hours. Day 3 was less intense and that night i felt wobbly/ dizzy wakin up to take a leak. Today is day 4 and im extremely lethargic and had to leave work cause i was a damn slug that couldnt do shit.

Pre trt i felt fairly decent but wanted to optimize my testosterone. My tt has been 120 to 155 the last 3 years with ft of 2. Estradiol was low <15. Sbgh 36. I definetely felt better before the shot so im thinkin to abandon ship and stop trt before my nuts completely shut down. I know my testosterone was low before but i felt decent enough.

I do have a history of anxiety and gastritis and i think trt has amplified that shit to unbearable levels. Thoughts?

Btw. I only took 50mg im shot but its hit me like a ton of bricks.

No range. These numbers are meaningless without the lab ranges. Might as well say you have a T level of purple to green and a free T of Zeta.

I think below 300 its considered low t

Wanted to add i felt hot, red face. Body temp def elevated off n on.

If it’s done at a lab where 300 is the bottom of the range. They are pretty far from standardised.

Lab ref ranges tt = 240 -960, ft = 4.26 -16.4

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I realize my test is low, im 46 6 1 205 n run 3 miles eod. Not sure if that lowers it but i also squat n bp roughly 1x per week

With test levels that low before, you are going to have a rough adjustment. You are going to be generating a lot of downstream things that would have been lacking before. Ride it out, try some magnesium glycinate before bed - it helps a lot of guys sleep when they are having issues. It goes away after a few weeks once your body adjusts.

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Ride it out.

You need trt.

Going to agree with @hardartery and stress that you need to get magnesium glyconate. Do not get another form of it unless you’re really, really into having loose bowel movements multiple times a day.

And trt isn’t always a smooth transition, but your levels are really low, even for your age. You’re basically in your late 70’s with those numbers. You’ll feel a lot better when you get dialed in.

Thanks for the encouragement! I def feel like my chronic gastritis and anxiety have something to do with my hormones. My throid function panel is all solidly mid ref range. So i know that this low t shit is def no bueno. All of my other labwork is otherwise pristine.

That said, the 50mg shot i took hit me like a fukin runnaway rhino! My original plan was to do 50mg q4 days. Thats 78mg q7 days. Should i stay on that dose or try a 30 or 40mg dose tomorrow on day 4? 40mg q4 is 70mg per week. Is it worth completely shuttin the nads down over 70mg per week?

My last concern is this fog i had today. I felt like shit yesterday and days b4 but atleast i could deal. Today i just said fuk it n asked the head nurse if i could go n lukily we were staffed well.

Btw, iv worked in the icu for 12yrs as n rn n last time i had to bounce midshift was 10yrs ago d/t projectile vomit. If anyones wonderin, yes, gettin bossed around by grumpy old nurses your entire career would shrink your nuts too!

They’re already all but shut down with T that low IMO. Maybe that level somehow works for your body, but I’ve never heard of anyone that was that low that didn’t feel better after increasing T to at least moderate levels.

I’d actually consider trying daily injections if you’re that sensitive to T right now and see what happens first before quitting altogether

Even older . My pops is at 15 at his age. Last test before that was 13.

I have over the years notice a large number of men who had anxiety pre-TRT, not due to low-T have issues with large to moderate dosages. The solution is to inject very small daily doses.

You could also be very sensitive to Test and the dosage was just too much for you. Also your test levels will continue the downward trend as you age, so TRT is inevitable so you might as well figure things out now.

Surely if he’s that sensitive to T, scrotal creams might be a good option? No needles, easy to adjust daily schedule etc

I felt like i was getting shot to the moon that first nite! Ive tried various ilicit drugs in my day and that was as strong as any of them!

My system is surely sensitive to test. The only feeling i loved about it was feeling like an insane fuk machine for 3days. That was cool, but the gi sides might be too much for me to deal with. Im now taking 20mg ompeprazole in am and pm and still feel rumbling.

Ill prolly stop therapy now cause im supposed to go to mexico in 2 weeks n zero chance i can deal with that feelin this way.

If/when i restart ill prolly go 20mg eod sq. I also liked your cream idea. Ill have to study that.

I think moreso than my pre existing anxiety, my gerd/gastritis has been exascerbated by T. I did recently have a bad bout of gerd/gastritis that required me to take a ppi 2x daily for the first time in my life. I think my preexisting anxiety n gi conditions will make trt replacement more challenging for me and others like me. I had recently gone off the omeprazole but i can see i will need to stay on it to get through trt, at least until my body adjusts and stabalizes.

Question, im guessing the hot flashes are test injection related? Now on day 4 its gotten better. Another question is it normal for your equilibrium to get off starting trt? I felt wobbly at night couple nights ago goin to bathroom.

Finally i want to remind myself to take 10mg sq test c daily when i get back on.