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Feel Taken Advantage Of...

Got sent home with a script for blood tests of about 30 different tests with diagnoses codes. They told me to go to LabCorp and I did. They told me that out of the 18 codes given only 3 were known by the system and this was going to cost me thousands of $$ to get done. I contacted the Dr’s office and wow talk about rude. I relayed the info and she insisted that I was wrong and should have gone to Quest even though the doctor said go to LabCop.

She read off some codes that should have been on there and they weren’t. I requested an up to date lab sheet and script and was told no just get the labs done. She then insisted that no preapproval was necessary because no insurance would cover the meds even though I told her that I had already been approved they were just awaiting the docs confirmation. I hope this is just a fluke and I didn’t waste my time and money.

I have been to Dr. Overbeck and had the gambit of blood tests run, and had absolutely no problems getting them filled at Quest. It didn’t cost me any money out of my pocket and the tests were all filled in correctly. At least one other member of this board had the EXACT same experience as me (i know because we went together).

I’m sorry you had a poor experience with the receptionist, but that has not been my experience at all. I can e-mail HAN directly and he always gets back to me within a day with answers to my questions.

I’m hoping it was a fluke for you as well brother, hopefully HAN will take a look at this and get you all sorted out.

I went to my local doc this morning to have the tests ran and to have them turned into insurance. I told him what happened at labcorp and he confirmed that the lady I spoke with was correct and the dude at labcorp gave me the runaround because it looked like to much work. I owe her an apology for doubting her. Still waiting on the HCG request from the doc which will save me $111 per month. Although one script did get sent over. It will now cost me $20 for 20wks of Test vs $108 for 10wks. Awesome