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Feel Stuck with Dieting After 5 Months of Being Consistent


Hello everyone. I need some advice.
I am 21 years old, 5’11" tall. When I started gym about 5 months ago I was 86kgs. I started to eat clean ( no crap whatsoever) and after a month or so I set my diet to 2000 calories a day. Didn’t care about macros.
Now after 5 months I’ve lost about 20 kgs weight. Currently my weight is 66 kgs with body fat 7.1% and lean mass 61.1 kg (135lbs) but I still got that lower tummy fat which I can’t get rid of. I think the only extra fat I got left is on my stomach.
I know I shouldn’t have cut my calories so low in the first place but I admit that was a mistake. Now I also feel weak and tired all the time.
From last week I increased my daily calories to 2100 ( 100 calories per day increase) and thinking of keep increasing with the same rate after every 2 weeks because I am afraid of getting my body fat back (especially more stomach fat/ bloating) but at the same time I also wanna gain lean mass and streangth.
Please someone point me in the right direction. My macros are around 240 protein, carbs140g and fat 55 g(on low carb day) and 230g and 40 g fat (on a high carb day). I train 5 days a week. Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday Sunday are my low carb days and Wednesday & Saturday are high carb.

Need advice and guidance please


Stop starving yourself.

You need muscle, eat man, eat.

These threads are annoying as hell.

If you want to be coddled, go in the beginner section.


Yeah man i am slowly increasing my calories to maintaince while trying to bring up my metabolism too which I suspect got decreased because of low calories diet


Dearie me. You’re 21 years old and bitching about lower tummy fat…

Grown men on 2k calories a day, stressing out about something so trivial and pathetic.

What have we become


Because that bloating ruins the whole shape of my body


You weigh 66kg at 5’11’’

What shape.

Eat more.


That’s my photo from last week


You don’t really get a lot of carbs, how much fiber are you getting?


This is incorrect then.

Do as JFG has instructed.


30-40 grams per day on average


Beginners section ?


Start eating more. Get ready to hear that a lot.

If you’re really set on this 2000 calories lifestyle maybe switch your macros so you get more carbs. You eat a ton of protein but could prob sacrifice some for carbs as they are both equal in terms of calories/gram.

In the pic you have shitty posture too, that might help


As others have pointed out, you need to restructure things. I also suspect you are doing cardio as part of your programme? If so, drop it. Go for big lifts, good recovery methods, etc. You should also consider cortisol control methods and estrogen control, which will assist with the belly fat.


Thanks for the advice mate but what’s estrogen control ? How to do that ?


There are plenty of articles on here on that, but in summary us guys have far more female hormone in our system than our dad/granddad.

To combat this, you want to concentrate on eating more green and cruciferous veggies. Transresveratrol appears to be a useful supplement here too.


You need to decide what you want to do. Fat loss or muscle gain. If the goal is to cut fat then dropping weight is expected. If lean muscle mass is what you want then you need to eat. Your caloric intake is low for someone your age. For just maintaining you should be over 2200 calories based on how often you work out. If you want to cut fat then most of your calories should be spent consuming protein and fat and very strict on carb intake. If you want lean muscle mass then carbs and protein should be pretty equal and the fat cut way down.