Feel My Chi

I’m surprised no one has brought up the fact that one of his explanations for not being able to knock out the little guy with the beard was that he was a “non-believer” in his system. WTF? I guess if my only opponents were gullible jackasses that I could beat while I was blindfolded anyway, then I suppose this system would have merit.

Oh, and that little skinny fuck who says at the end, “if you don’t believe it, come on down and we’ll be happy to knock you out”? If there are any T-Nation members who live nearby, if you could get together and go over in a group and film each of you getting “chi balls” thrown at you while doing a no-sell, that would be the ultimate T-Nation video.

Who ever mentioned him fighting cro-cop, I was thinking the same thing. If this stuff actually works, how come so one in MMA in ANY division/association have used any one of these techniques.

“If you put your hand in the chi ball, you can feel that it’s warmer in there.”
Dude, that’s the heat coming up from his hand you fucktard. If he puts focus on his hand, he CAN make it warmer than normal anyways.

[quote]cadav wrote:
i think that our body can “produce” energy, every living being need energyies to live.

BUT ki (chi) is not that kind of stuff. It is not like a “fireball” you can throw to other ppl.

it is a focus. a place in our mind where we can find the energy we need.

Everyone here use that focus, for example in the 1RM lift. That kind of “show” are the evidence that the wisdom behinf the chi was lost in the century. The symbol, the focus the innere reality was not for all. And who think to understand often do not understand the simple think under complex words.


Can I cook a chicken with it?