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Feel Like Training on an Off Day


I am doing starting strength (again, I am detrained from two summers ago). Yesterdays workout was as follows:

Squat 45 x 10, 85x5, 125x5, 165x5 205x5x3
Press 45x5 70x5 70x5, 90x5, 115x5x3
Pull-up 3,3,5

Anyway today I have the urge to train. I was planning on doing some light stretching and mobility. I feel good. my main goal is upper body strength and size. Doing SS to get my numbers back.

What should I do? On one hand I do not want to f-up potential progress down the road, on the other I feel like training. I was thinking some light pressing or shoulder and arm work just to get some blood flowing. Any advice would be much appreciated.



Why would you be doing anything other than listening to your own body?

Maybe you don't need to be using whatever written in stone program that you are.


Its funny you say that. I chose to do ss because it got me strong in the past, but i have been considering switching to a body builder split. Focus would still be on basic compound movements with iso as needed(ie as energy permits)


I'm not a fan of "by the numbers" training programs. I could see how a newbie could use it, but anyone much past that had better be tuning into what actually works better for them or they will simply be one of the thousands who look the same or worse every year.

The people who make the biggest changes and the ones who make people say "holy shit" don't train just by the numbers. They may follow a program for a while, but if it isn't helping them reach their goal it gets dropped.

Today I'm training whatever isn't sore from last time.

It didn't write that down either.


How do you make sure everything gets hit each week? Does it even matter? I think I would still need at least some planning on my own.


If someone is in the gym 5-6 days a week how could they not hit everything?


I could think of a few ways, but I get what you are saying.


I. Usually do 4 days a week, sometimes 5 if I get off work early on friday. But I can't help myself from doing a random set or two at home. Just get the urge sometimes when I see the weights sitting there.


There's a difference between autoregulating your workouts and leaving some flexibility within a program to adjust your split as needed, and just pulling things out of your ass at random.

You need to know HOW you plan to lift so that you're not spinning your wheels. At the same time, you can make a ton of adjustments on the fly when you start working ou based on listening to your body to really make the most of your body's current condition.


I do upper body on Monday except back, that I do on Tuesday with legs. Wednesday I rest thurday is and Friday are the same as Monday and Tuesday . Are you saying its not good to get a set or two in here and there?


Prof x said go ahead and switch your style up and if they hate then let'em hate and watch the muscle pile up.

I think its time for a different split. I have too much left on my off days with SS. There is enough info out there for me to create something that'll work form me and make changes as needed.

Thanks gentleman.


That's more like it.

Sarting a training Log:


if you have programmed off days, yet still want to rip shit up, do some KB lifts, sandbags, sprints, tabata pushups/pullups.
have fun


I usually throw in some sled work, or do one of CT's Neural Charge workouts on off days.


Why have planned off days at all?

Planned off days and planned deload weeks are for the lazy.


I honestly agree with this. Life itself seems to throw in enough "off days".


Last time I trained on a off day I blew my fucking shoulder.

It reminded me why I had TWO cardio days separating chest day from shoulder day.


Life handed me an off day. I injured low back squatting this AM. Looks like leg day will now be rehab day.


if starting strength feels too easy then the weights aren't heavy enough yet.

but then if you put 'active recovery' things like foam rolling, mobility work, or walking to your fridge down as 'additional training' i see why you feel compelled to 'train' on your off days.


Once rehabbed, I'd consider moving on to Texas method