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Feel Like Throwing Up When I Train

I don t know why…but for some time i feel like throwing up when i m training…and i can t train so hard because of that…maybe the reason is the preworkout? Do you guys experienced this situation?

Are you moving quickly between sets or exercises?

No…example…when i want to do my first working set on bench for chest and put the head on the bench.do couple of reps…and after for the last reps when i want to push hard i feel like i throw up and i stop

I think is from the preworkout…i will try for couple of days to drink just a coffee before workout :thinking:

Most pre-workout are just loaded with caffeine and that will cause nausea and and aggravate various other stomach problems.

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Could be…how long are waiting from the pre-workout to the workout?

30 minutes

I’ve never been able to wait that long between taking pre-workout and actually working out. I’ll drink pre then immediately go into ~10mins warmup max before lifting.

Dumb observation here, but if you are eating a large(ish) meal within an hour or two before working out - that can cause this as well. I eat an uncrustable about 45 mins before lifting but my last meal beforehand is about 4 hours just to make sure this doesn’t happen.

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Ever consider just not taking ANY stimulants before training?


I made this today…i didn t take it and feel so much better…my pre workout have 200 mg caffeine in one serving

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I’ve never taken a pre-workout supplement in 22 years of training and I’ve done alright. I have my caffeine AFTER training. You may do well with that approach it seems.


I can only add to what the other responders say.

I use a preworkout WITHOUT caffeine - in HALF the recommended dosage. This, because I drink a lot of coffee during the day, and most PWO’s are greatly overdosed in every ingredient. Caffeine is also an irritant to the stomach. The only ingredients I look for in a PWO is citrulline malate and vegetabilic glycerine - for greater, longer lasting pump.

More important is to eat a proper carbohydrate based meal 1,5-3 hours prior to training, and also to make sure you are properly rehydrated prior to working out.

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Tried doing the shifty eye emoticon and it didn’t work…


I have a good meal before training and i m waiting 3 hours to digest this meal and after i go to the gym…this is the list of ingredients from my pre workout

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Same here…never had a pre workout drink and I have had plenty of energy whether I was doing HIT or HVT or running

Is it possible that it’s all in the mind

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If it helps, sniff it.


Well, as obvious as it might be, a carbohydrate rich meal some hours before working out has been the foundation for my workouts since 1991. PWO’s and periworkout will always be secondary. Do I dare to recommend a postworkout banana?

Since caffeine is the culprit, your case is solved.

I was more giving the shifty eyes because I’ve never found a carb rich meal important, haha.


Honestly, I’ve gone full keto (before keto was even a thing) and felt fine. I’ve also tried moderate carbs (currently) and I feel fine. Both were on a cut, both worked (or are working)

I don’t believe there is any real importance to carbs outside of perhaps increased carbs the night before some ludicrous training/event (person dependent). Could quite seriously just be placebo that “carb loading” helps :man_shrugging:

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