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Feel Like T Levels Have Dropped


No energy, even large coffee drinks are only keeping me ‘up’ for a very limited amount of time(note: I don’t drink coffee regularly, and only had a couple to see if they’d pick me up)

Negligible sex drive, recently started seeing a new girl and she is very attractive, but coupled with the low energy, I haven’t really had much in the way of libido.

Weakness, Most of my lifts have stagnated, and my vertical jump has decreased, also, I haven’t put on any weight in a few months, the gains I have made have been extra slow(contrasted to just a few months ago when I was rocketing up in all my lifts)

Minor depression, Despite a lot of ‘good’ things going on in my life right now, I haven’t really been feeling capable or on-top of them, and little things have gotten me in a funk a lot easier than I’d expect.

Trouble sleeping, Usually I am early to bed and early to rise, at ~6:30 AM I am up and active and ready to go. Lately I have been getting up at 8 or 9 and wanting to sleep in.

Loss of Appetite, Normally don’t have a problem shoveling large Pizzas or numerous hamburgers down my gullet. Lately I’ve been struggling to even have 2 burgers or half a large pizza.

The next one is kinda weird, but this is the big one that sort of clued me in. But, I’ve been really “lala land” lately. Difficulty taking things seriously, difficulty being motivated or having much ‘drive’ or commitment. And generally feeling very unbiased, very wishy-washy and all together not caring about details or doing things right. This is abnormal( although strangely enjoyable sometimes).

Presently don’t have health insurance(complicated, sudden life changes) so it’d probably be kind of expensive to get blood work done, I hear that saliva testing is actually surprisingly accurate, but in my limited research I haven’t really come across any services that provide this.

Question 1: Has anyone here had their Test levels checked via a mail-in saliva test? If so, how did that work out?
Question 2: Am I overreacting/jumping to conclusions?
Question 3: Assuming I have unnaturally low T levels, what then?

BTW, I’m in my mid 20s so my T levels should be decently high.

try a deload for a day or two, or even take a week off working out but no more.
Also if you do, stop masturbating. hahaha. It drops t-levels.

I’ve had all of those things. Sometimes I think I have mood swings or something. Weird thing is when I’m happy I also have few problems. Instead I get to “lala land” when I’m generally sad with my life.

I did forget to mention that could definitely be the cause. I have been seriously busting ass in the gym for the last 3 weeks. Gone almost every single day and done something. My ‘off-days’ have still involved light cardio, stretching, and minimal lifting, while my heavy days have involved two trips, once in the morning and once in the evening. So, could just be overtrained? I’m surprised that it would happen so quickly, Most overtraining info I’ve read has suggested that it takes more than a couple weeks of extended effort to put you in the dumps.

Well you said your lifts have stalled. Some people here will tell you it’s not overtraining. I’m not an expert to know for sure, all I know is if I’ve been busting my ass a lot and I feel depressed and crappy and my lifts aren’t going up, then taking a week off or deloading for a while fixes everything. Is that what’s called overtraining? If so then I think yeah you probably are.

As for why it took 2 weeks and not longer, I don’t know, it could be that you overestimate yourself, could be the program, food, sleep, many things.

IMO do some light stuff for a week, then start again with a deload (90-95% of what you were doing) and work it up again according to your program. Don’t rush it!

Give the CNS some rest; take a couple of days off. Try to get some green tea in if you don’t take any.

Also, how is your vitamin intake? I managed to fix being unbiased and being a “lala” land resident (for most of the time, at least) by supplementing with Vitamin D, iron and some calcium.

It is the middle of December. This could just be a seasonal thing. I like Armies idea of supplementing with vitamin D - 6000-8000 IU a day. When I started supplementing this it was almost drug like, walked around like a teenage boy with half a woody for many weeks.