Feel Like Shit, Need Advice Badly

TLDR: Stayed on relatively high dose Test for way too long, i now know it was idiotic. Since dropped to TRT dose for 3 weeks now and feel the worst i’ve ever felt. What’s my next step here?

I started out at 240mg/wk for 6 months, then upped to 300, 350 and lastly 400mg/wk each for half a year. So i was on a relatively high dose of test for about 2 years now, no other compunds used. I now know i should’ve PCT or at least dropped to cruise now, i was r*tarded but bare with me for now.

I noticed ever increasingly worse libido all the way throughout my usage but i put it on my training very long and intensely (4hours+) and poor sleep. Also while i felt worse and worse, my blood work was excellent aside from some high E2 but since i didnt suffer from any gyno and also my lifts and look were so good so I went through with it for the sake of gains.

Anyway, my libido and ED went to absolute shit lately so, i lowered my dose to 140mg/wk. Since then libido and ED are even worse, i feel actually asexual now. Also i’m next level depressed, INSANELY ANXIOUS, i literally slept 5 hours total the last 7 nights. I can barely form sentences. Also have no appetite and need to force myself to eat. Textbook depression pretty much, however no libido and ED bothers me most.

Latest bloods were Test at 790 and E2 at 44 which is a bit out of range but certainly shouldnt make me feel THIS shitty?

Any input on what my next step here is? I was considering waiting out the TRT dose for a few more weeks and see if anything changes because right now my life is actual living hell and i cannot continue like this.

I was also thinking about starting PCT immediately but am also super scared of how i will feel on no test at all if TRT doses already make my life hell.

Any input is very appreciated.

It’s only been three weeks brother. Give it more time at a TRT like dose. Your old dosage takes 4+ weeks to be out of your system plus you need to give it time at steady state on your new dose for your body to feel right. If you don’t start feeling better in 5 more week, take new labs. I can tell you’re anxious but if you keep changing what you’re doing to soon you’ll just end up chasing your tail.


As @blshaw stated. You need to give this a little time. Every time you change something it takes weeks for the changes to become steady.
If your at 140.wk stay there for a couple months and see where your at.
Good luck. Report back in a few weeks.

So you went from sky high testosterone and cut your dosage, hormones declined significantly and you feel like dogsh**. Now your body must adapt to the new set-point which can take anywhere from 4-12 weeks.

As of right now, your hormones are in an unsteady state, taking typically 4 to 6 weeks (cypionate half-life 5-7 days x5 = roughly 42 days) to have stable hormone levels in the bloodstream.

In your case it may take longer to repair, right the ship because of the overtraining over a long period of time.

Patience is key.


Our study did not link high estradiol levels with diminished sexual performance. Paradoxically, patients with low estradiol below 42.6 pg/ml had more patients complaining of low libido as defined by ICD-9 of 799.81 in the problem list. Patients with higher estradiol levels above 42.6 pg/ml had less sexual dysfunction problems identified by their providers.

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Thanks to everyone replying so far. I will update after a few weeks.

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I hope you’re still not training at the same rate as you were when even on higher doses made you feel like crap. A week or two of doing absolutely nothing remotely physically intense would probably be of benefit right now, while your body is adjusting to your new levels.


Have you spoken about all this with your doctor?

It sounds like your training volume could be a cause of some of your problems. If you don’t address that, your libido will continue to be garbage. It may not be related to T.

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You might be ovee trained take 2 weeks of

Yeah ive been doing almost no physical activity the past few weeks, however i have a lot of trouble sleeping atm. Can maybe get an hour per night.

Yeah i did, they told me to get off Test completely but im scared of how that will make me feel when a TRT dose already makes me feel like dying.

Does he know you were using non-medicinal doses?

Yeah i was very open about everything. Thing is here in germany doctors, even urologists are absolutely clueless about anything regarding male health aside from the absolute basics. E.g. my urologist didn’t know what arimidex was.

The more i think about it the more likely it seems to me that i am still incredibly overtrained, as in actually overtrained and not just overreaching. I always had shitty sleep, either slept too little (5-6 rarely 7 hours) or often didnt sleep at all.

To combat that i heavily abused pre workout, i could go 5 hours of actual hard lifting even on 3 nights of no sleep in a row as long as i got enough caffeine in me.

I researched a bit, which is hard because actual overtraining is so rare that theres very little info on it, but apparently overtraining recovery can take months of no or very little physical activity.

Since my gains are literally the last thing i have, i plan to do maybe 4 workouts per week of suuuuuper low baby weights und just getting a pump and will also limit myself to 45 min to an hour max.

I read your post in full. What do you mean this here? ^

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I meant that for 2 years i sacrificed everything for chasing that goal to look a certain way. Also with the way i am feeling atm i am actually unable to function in society at all. So at least i want to preserve what i have yk

This is not good. May I share my input on this? If not, I will not comment on the matter.


Sure why not.

Have you considered talking to a psychiatrist about these mental symptoms? They may not be hormone related at all. You said your bloodwork is fine so this could indicate problems in other areas of your well-being. You may have also developed rhabdomyolysis from all of the excessive training so you may want to rule that out. I’m just guessing at this point since I have very limited information to work with.

Thanks for your concern. Yes i have talked to a psychiatrist already and the issue is at least partially psychological. Overtraining and hormonal issues go hand in hand with it though so its quite complex to put the finger on what the problem is.

I know what i need most is rest right now though.
Also it wont be rhabdomyolysis since my muscles always have been fine and pain free, my CNS though is completely fried.

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When were these labs taken? It’s only been 3 weeks, you likely still have much higher hormone levels till in you from your blast. I would say by week 5-6 you should be feeling better.