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Feel Like I've Been Charlie Horsed After Quad Injection

So last friday I started dividing up my 200mg 1ml shot into, .33 Friday, .33 Monday and .33 on Wednesday using a 29ga 1/2" .5ml syringe into the vastus lateralis. Friday’s shot was painless and was a little tender Saturday AM at the injection site about the size of dime. Well last night I did the same thing same place left leg, painless injection but since I got out of bed this AM it feels like I’ve been charlie horsed or dead legged and it sucks!!

Pretty sure I kept needle steady and parallel to injection site, just trying to see if anyone had any insight or should I move next injection to middle on thigh?

For the record all previous injections have been once a week in the glutes via IM with no issues

Is it possible you hit your IT band?

That’s possible and could explain the dead leg feeling, did not even think about that. Might try moving to top of thigh Wednesday.

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I inject right around here (red circle) with no pain or soreness. No bleeding either.

Thanks, I was 1/2 way down, I’ll try there tonight on the right side

I’ve tried injecting all over the quad and it hurts. Most of the time, my wife puts it in my glutes for me, but when she cant, I inject there.

Don’t forget to relax the muscle, no tensing. Also, run a drop or 2 of oil down the needle by twisting the plunger a little. That will help lubricate the needle.

What happens if you hit your IT band? This issue of crippling leg pain just happened to me… I got a fever this time… now it’s healing

Pain man. But a fever would be something unrelated I would think.