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Feel Like I'm Gonna Puke

So I just started lifting again after two hernia surgeries and when I increase my calories, I don’t feel nauseous but I have to fight to hold down the food sometimes, especially in the morning. I used to have this problem in college but not as severe and it seemed to go away when I ate further away from bed time.

I don’t know if I’m just increasing my calories too quickly or what, but if anyone can help with any input. Oh, and i’m a male so I’m not pregnant or having morning sickness, although my wife has candida and I wondered if I have it too.

You could have…whatever you said (I should start quoting more so this doesn’t happen) BUT more likely you’re increasing calories too quickly. Is it while eating that you have to fight to keep it down or after?

In the first instance it’s pretty damn likely that’s exactly what’s happening. Your body isn’t used to consuming that much food at once and so it’s fighting it. If the latter, it’s still pretty probably but maybe through more indirect means. Not enough fiber to move the food through your system etc. Who knows.

Take some time get used to it, Are you taking it a LOT of foods different ones you were prior?? That could be a cause Try some digestive aids and get plenty of hydration


Depending on your schedule, you might be able to have a bite right upon waking up… do your morning stuff… and then eat a more substantial meal.

For example, one or two bites off of a slice of bread, or maybe a sip or two of milk.

Just something to get the stomach interested… before you dump a huge meal in there.

All great replies.

I agree with whoever said to break up the meals.
If eating a lot when you wake up is making you feel sick, then have half of what you would normally eat at once…wait an hour or so…then have the other half.

Also, WHAT are you eating?
Are you noticing that you get more or less sick depending on what you’re eating?
You could have certain intolerances for some foods…you might be eating too much of one thing, not adding enough variety per meal.

Some people do indeed get sick eating in the morning, so also just try some different meals:
Maybe having shake in the morning will sit better with you…Maybe fruit works better…maybe whole grain bread is better…maybe you need to add some fats…etc.

Well to start off it is while i’m eating and right after for a little while that I’m feeling sick. And I know I probably did increase my calories too quickly but I"m taking time off right not and dropping my calories and I still feel it a little although not as bad as before. But thanks for the great replies I am taking them all into consideration.