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Feel Like I'm Getting Weaker Compared to Old Cycle

I was on 300 test, 40mg of anavar a day and 150 deca previously for id say around 3 months. Switched to the stack I mentioned (350 test 300 eq and 250 deca and I actually feel like I am getting weaker. My lifts have gone down. I run 5th set and my amraps have gone down in some cases up to like 5 reps. For example one of my best was 305 for 13 on the older stack now I am getting 305 for 9. This is on bench.

I don’t wanna run anavar again too soon because I feel like I should give my body a break from the oral but I am thinking of possibly doing 500mg test and 250 deca and scrapping the EQ. To be honest I don’t feel shit off it. I’m almost wondering if it is fake. I’ve never used EQ before but it’s very thin like almost as thin as water. Nowhere near as thick as test.

What would you guys suggest for maximum size and strength gains? Right now I have access to Masteron, deca, EQ, test and anavar but as I said I wanna give the anavar a little break. What stack would you guys run? Or would you stick with what I have going for a while longer? I’ve heard EQ takes like 8 weeks to kick in.

How long have you been off the Var and on the EQ? Var will clear very quickly, and the EQ will not have kicked in. Also with 300 EQ you are on the low end, so I am guessing it will take a while to really build up. Essentially, you have dropped your dose by switching from Var to EQ.

I think this has much more to do with the oil it is brewed in. I have had some test that is super thick, and some that is barely thicker than water.

I’ve been off the Var for around the same time I started the EQ so roughly 5 weeks. I have been told that is a low dose for EQ. What do you think would be a good dose? I was watching a Greg Doucette video and he said for people that have never used EQ before 300-350 would be a good place to start. I’m also on 250 deca. Is deca a good muscle builder? I’ve heard mixed things?

I’ve probably watched that video. Most on forums will tell you to go higher than that. I think that dose is good for a guy on TRT who is going to run it for 20 weeks, who doesn’t need to worry about shutdown. Otherwise, I think I would run at 500 mg, but that is just me.

Deca is supposed to be a good mass builder. Haven’t used it. Scared of the sides (which happen to probably lower number of people than I perceive, so maybe it isn’t all that bad, don’t know).

If it is me, I would drop one of the compounds and increase the dosage of the other. You are pretty low dose for both.

Personally, I have never been able to get the strength gains from moderate doses (500ish) of test, masteron, nandrolone, eq or any combination thereof that I get from adding 40mg of var to just a test base (400ish).

I did gain more size on the injectables mentioned, without var, but I didn’t feel as strong as when I was on just test and var.

Everyone is different, of course, but that’s my experience.

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Ya I never realized what a monster anavar is hmm lol maybe I should do a test deca and anavar cycle!

Is it bad to run anavar often?

I’ve tried tbol, dbol, var, sdrol and drol. Sdrol can definitely compete with Var but it makes me feel terrible after a few weeks at only 20-30mg. And, to be fair, I’ve never made it past 2 weeks on Drol at 50mg so I can’t say anything about it, for certain. Tbol and Dbol were meh.

I have run Anavar as long as 4 months at 40mg with no liver or kidney issues on my bloods at the end. Lipids, on the other hand, were not good. At all. Lipids returned to normal after a month or so bu,t by then, who could say if the damage is already done. If you’re going to run it, regardless of duration, get your bloodwork done and weigh the risks.

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How was your diet when running Anavar for the 4 months?

I think It’s entirely possible for a cycle to be not as effective as the previous one, even if doses or compounds are more, I guess it also depends on time between as well, or the gear, maybe lesser batch?

I don’t get why u even did test 350 Deca 250 and eq 300, u could probably get the same results with just test and deca. But at this point upping deca would be pointless i guess since it takes like 6 weeks to stabilize. 400/500 Deca made me gain weight real fast, but it also increased my red blood cells to red alert zone, need to keep an eye on blood closely with it and manage your blood cells/thickness.

It wasn’t bad. I definitely was not eating as much as I should have and I didn’t gain much weight, if any. I also didn’t drink alcohol at all. But boy, was I strong and I felt great.

The last month did feel kind of flat in terms of gains and strength, though.