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Feel Like I Made the Wrong Decision


hey im 22and ive been training a year and im 18% bodyfat but wasnt getting enough gains so i decided that i would start taking test i am on week 2 at the moment taking 500mg a week n i feel like i made the wrong decision taking them.i was wondering that i only took them for two weeks if i stopped now would i need post cycle thearpy or what?i just need some advice




I would just finish the cycle...and run pct assuming you also are using an AI.

If you are determined to end the cycle now, I would still run a nolvadex pct.


Do not finish the cycle.

You probably dont need PCT.


i do feel i should finish it now.would i be ok not to take pct if i ended it now?


and no not using an ai


starting test with no AI and without proper research and with only a year under your belt is stupid
realizing it was stupid at this time is good but then you want to be stupid again and finish a cycle with no real plan or understanding.
what do you wish to accomplish by finishing what you started?

your only 2 weeks in its not enough to do much damage if any at all
stop now forget about it and start over later when you are ready
you can only hurt yourself if you continue


cheers for the advice.will i need pct if i stop now?


most likely not,your not that deep into it and your own system wouldnt have had a chance to shut down yet,may have but you shouldnt notice anything at this point


cool i do think i will train much longer and learn more about them now before i decide to take them.should i maybe get my test levels hecked in a few weeks?


if your worried about it and you have the means to get them checked then yes.

I dont know what ester you had but here is when I would go in to check

test prop,bout 1-2 weeks after last shot
test cyp or test enth wait about 6-8 weeks after last shot

by then everything will be passed from your system and you should be back to normal


cheers man apreciate it


no problem,anything you need, hit me up I will be glad to help if I can