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Feel Like Crap In the Morning

Ok. I will make this short and sweet. Oftentimes in the morning I wake up and feel very ummm well I just feel like blah. I am not gassy or anything, but I can’t eat a lot. It is almost like indigestion, but without any burping or acid reflux. However, I do feel stuffy. I am not sure what to make of this feeling. I have had this feeling before taking supplements, and therefore I do not believe it has anything to do with anything I am taking.

However just to be certain this is my pre-bed routine and the supplements that I am currently taking.

About one to two hours before bed I take 4 Zoneperfect fish oil caps. They expire this year, but not until July. Then I take one hour before bedtime 3 ZMA caps. Then just before bed I drink a protein shake, eat some cottage, cheese, whatever. Basically eat something dairy. Then it is off to bed. During the night I feel fine. Get up to use the bathroom, but no middle of the night snack or shake.

Then I wake up and my stomach feels weird. Not sick, but slightly queasy. I use the bathroom (#2) and get in the shower. From then on I feel stuffy and have to take small bites of food as if I am already extremely full (i.e. I feel extremely full). I eat something then take 2 Alpha Male and 3 Methoxy-7 caps. Then I head off to class and usually feel stuffy, but not bad.

I get back at noon and eat something else (i.e. fiber cereal and/or Chicken breasts) and then I feel fine about 1 pm or so.

Other supps I am taking:

Phosphagen Elite
Centrum Multi-Vitamin
Fish Oil Caps as mentioned above
Grow with Whole Milk shakes
Surge after workout

Anyways, maybe it is just something that will pass, but it is sort of obnoxious. I think it may have to do with my pre-bed regiment (i.e. what I am eating) or the fact that I just started Chad Waterbury’s SOB training this past Monday and it rocked me pretty bad.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Ohhhh I do take a mild over the counter Antacid in the morning (Titralac…I think) and that seems to help a little.

Comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

p.s. On a final note, I take Alpha Male and Methoxy-7 again later in the day and notice no stomach issues whatsoever. So, I have ruled these supplements out as well as the Phosphagen Elite because I have been taking that for about 3 months. :frowning:

It could be a mild dairy allergy. Try nixing (or severly cutting back on) the dairy right before bed for a couple of nights and see if that makes a difference.

it could be the fish oil caps…do they suggest keeping them in the fridge? Also could be the dairy before bed…

I would cut both of those out for a week and then see how you feel. Then reintroduce one of the above and if you still feel fine youlll know what it is.

I would agree with Merc. Start with the dairy. Also…if you’re taking your ZMA…you’ll want to take it about an hour before you dump all that dairy and calcium in your gut.

Thanks guys. I thought maybe I had just rocked my CNS or something. I think the fish oil caps are going to go, I have new ones, and the dairy before bed will also be done away with for a bit. Thanks for the suggestions I really appreciate the help as feeling like shit sucks. Especially when trying to eat a ton and gain weight. Take it easy.

Hey guys. Quick update for those interested. I feel a lot better this morning. I cut out (i.e. threw away) the older fish oil caps (I have some new ones from GNC that I am taking) and the Milk/Cottage Cheese before bed. I still want to get protein before bedtime so should I take my ZMA, wait an hour, and then consume a Grow! protein shake made with water? I usually make all my protein shakes with milk, but I don’t want to feel like crap like I did this past week.

Thanks for all the replies.

I personally would use Grow! with water. I had the same symptoms when I mixed my MRP’s with milk.

Just my opinion though and you could try it with both and see what makes you feel the best.